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Which western countries brainwashed Mbuya Nehanda into rebelling against oppression?

I never understand Zimbabwe’s political elite!

Whenever I listen to President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, I am dumbfounded at why he fails to see that today’s freedom fighters – some of whom are currently languishing in his prisons – are in the same mold as the heroes of the liberation, whose funerals he presides over. the national shrine.

I have such a hard time understanding why the ruling ZANU PF, and those aligned with it, consistently and consistently put down black people in this country – repeatedly portraying us as brainless fools, who can’t think for ourselves, are totally unable to perceive when we are oppressed, and the only time we look up is because white Westerners are indoctrinating and buying us.

Surely, is this how they see us as black people – as utterly incapable of independent thought, who white people must constantly tell what to do and how to think – so that we cannot even tell when we are oppressed?

Is this how our own leaders – who are, funny enough, black themselves – view their own friends and relatives?

Since they are so proud and never tire of reminding us how they “fought for this country against colonial oppression”, I always wonder: if black people are so hopelessly stupid, to the point of being unable to understand what is oppressed means, so what white people pushed them to rise up against the settler regime?

Maybe they were Chinese or Russians?

Are we to assume that without these white men from the East telling us that we were in fact subjugated and segregated by colonial rule, and that it was a bad thing for us to rise up against – we would still be living in Rhodesia today? today?

Is this what the ruling establishment in Zimbabwe tells us?

Is there something they’ve been hiding from us all this time?

Are they claiming that they too are not able to think for themselves – and that they are all aware of how they need white people to tell them what to do and what to think?

Who, then, is really the brainwashed one?

Who is the one who really worships white people and worships the ground they walk on?

Is that why our own president gets so excited every time he shakes hands with white leaders — and even brags about having “told white people, in English” the removal of targeted sanctions against a handful of senior officials and entities in Zimbabwe?

This would perhaps also explain this desperation to push for the lifting of these travel restrictions to Western countries imposed on Mnangagwa and his entourage – because they really need to visit white people regularly, in their own lands.

If not, then why do they somehow believe that the current generation of black Zimbabweans have no ability to detect repression among us, and are they ready to defend themselves – unless only when white people are involved?

Do we really need white people to tell us that this is oppression and injustice, when the ruling elite pillages and plunders our national resources – which should be fairly shared among the citizens of the country, but end up enrich only the few, who live in vulgar opulence – amidst the stinking poverty of most Zimbabweans, with millions unable to afford food, going to bed hungry or having no no access to nutritious meals?

Why must we be instructed by the same white people that we should never tolerate such cruelty and savagery – but, must we bravely stand up and speak for ourselves?

And, when the ruthless, heartless regime responds with the usual heinous brutality – arresting opponents on trumped-up charges (and stripping them of their constitutional right to bail, as court cases drag on), or ruthlessly suppressing any peaceful protest, or even shooting in cold blood those who dare to protest – do we honestly need white people to tell us that this is wrong and unacceptable?

Quite frankly, I find this extremely insulting and demeaning to all black people – not just in this country, but across the African continent and around the world.

Are we surely to conclude that iconic figures such as Mbuya Nehanda, Sekuru Kaguvi, Chief Chingaira and many others, who pioneered the first uprising against colonial occupation, were, in one way or another, another, also influenced and indoctrinated by whites?

I love to joke that Nehanda and Kaguvi may have spent too much time watching news channels like CNN and BBC, as well as attending human rights workshops run by sponsored NGOs by the West!

How else could those who believe that black people have absolutely no ability to think independently, or to speak up when they are oppressed – besides lacking the courage to stand up and speak for themselves – explain how this crop of early Chimurenga heroes and heroines managed to achieve this feat on their own?

Nevertheless, we have the whole truth!

Black people are quite capable of thinking for themselves – and we don’t need anyone to lecture us or tell us what to do.

The only reason Zimbabwe’s ruling elite likes to regurgitate this same tired old narrative is quite simple.

They do not want to acknowledge that they have become the same oppressor they fought only decades ago – and want to distort the facts by hypocritically portraying the current generation of freedom fighters as agents of the old. colonizer, seeking to recolonize the country.

It is only a shameful plot to justify the brutal suppression of any dissenting voice, which is fed up with the continued suffering and impoverishment of the people of Zimbabwe, at the hands of their incompetent, corrupt and oppressive rulers.

However, it still troubles me why – even if those in power want to legitimize their barbaric crackdown on opposition and social justice advocates – they would choose the path of bashing and denigration of their own race, labeling them “ fools who can’t think for themselves”. .

That’s really low…even for those filthy thieves, liars and murderers!

– Tendai Ruben Mbofana is a social justice activist, writer, researcher and social commentator. Do not hesitate to contact him on WhatsApp or call him: +263715667700 | +263782283975, or Calls only: +263788897936, or email: [email protected]