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West Asian countries should unequivocally speak out against threats from Islamist terrorist groups: Priyanka Chaturvedi

On Wednesday, Shiv Sena MK Priyanka Chaturvedi said West Asian countries that have spoken out strongly against remarks about the Prophet Muhammad should “unequivocally denounce” threats from Islamist terror groups made in the wake of the controversial. Chaturvedi argued that there is a difference between respecting religious feelings and the threats that come with it, saying no religion is “so fragile that the words of a few can bring down their faith”.

”Threats from Islamist terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda should also be unequivocally denounced by these Middle Eastern nations. Respecting religious feelings is one thing, making threats based on them is another. No religion is so fragile that the words of a few can bring down their faith,” Chaturvedi said.

Meanwhile, veteran NCP leader and Maharashtra minister Chhagan Bhujbal claimed suspended BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma did not mean India. He hopes that Islamic countries, which have demanded an apology for Sharma’s remarks on the Prophet Muhammad, will continue to cooperate with India.

”No one should speak against a religious leader and he should not be insulted. Every religion should be respected. It is written in our Constitution. Now, those who make threats should understand that this is not what India has done. This was done by party activists in India. Other Indians want no punishment. There are few fanatics in a party, some just do it for publicity. Nupur Sharma is not Indian but spokesperson for a party. The party took action against her. Therefore, the people of Arab and Islamic countries will cooperate,” Bhujbal said.

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