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Wellness Company ‘Calm’ Partners with Lama Rod Owens to Prioritize LGBTQ Mental Health

The first Pride was a demonstration and this tradition continues all over the world. But to keep fighting the good fight, you also have to take care of yourself. This Pride Month, The Wellness Company calm in partnership with a queer activist and a mindfulness instructor Llama Rod Owens to do just that.

In a six-part series titled “Go out”, Owens shares his personal sailing experiences and meditation tips to help the LGBTQ community. As a black queer teenager stuck in the South, Owens chose to date a friend. Although frightening, the experience was marked by love and healing, something he hopes to bring to others embarking on their own journey of coming out.

“Coming out is really about developing a deep experience of self-acceptance and learning to hold space for everything in our experience, including the things we struggle with. I created the ‘Coming Out’ series with Calm to help the LGBTQIA+ community tap into the joy that comes from embracing who we are and celebrating the most authentic version of ourselves,” Owens said in a post. press release for Calm.

In addition to his six-part series, Owens also hosted an Instagram Live with author, historian, and activist Blair Imani to discuss mindfulness, self-acceptance within the LGBTQ community, and prioritization. of mental health.

Calm has also partnered with Canadian pop superstars Tegan and Sara’s foundation, The Tegan and Sara Foundation, to create a social media campaign highlighting the coming out stories of LGBTQ leaders and the resources that they used to support themselves, called #CalmingOut: Stories of Self-Acceptance. Additionally, the company donated $10,000 to the foundation and provided free app subscriptions for teens residing in states where anti-LGBTQ legislation is tightening.

Learn more about Calm’s here and check out Lama Rod Owens’ “Coming Out” series here.