Activist state

Vote Weiner for State Senate District 45

I am writing on behalf of Janice Weiner for Iowa Senate District 45, which includes most of Iowa City. This is the seat currently occupied by Joe Bolkcom. Janice is a hardworking member of the Iowa City Council. She was also an activist, testifying in Des Moines on issues such as voting rights and reproductive rights. The primary election is June 7, and I plan to vote for the person who shows up when there are issues to be resolved, and who always has practical ideas of what needs to be done.

Janice draws on a successful career at the State Department as a diplomat, and many of those skills carry over to working as a state senator in Des Moines. A good state senator must look beyond differences and find ways to get things done, speak forcefully when things need to be said, or work quietly behind the scenes when it’s more effective. Janice Weiner has those skills. She also has ideas for how Democrats across the state can improve their messaging and will play an important role in encouraging our candidates who live in districts with fewer Democratic voters.

Please join me in voting for Janice in the June 7 Democratic primary. Early in-person voting begins May 18, at the Johnson County Auditor’s office, drive-thru and walk-in. Please plan to vote.

Emilie Silliman

Iowa town