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UC Taylor’s Version Builds Community Through Pop Music | Features

At the University of Cincinnati (UC), students can form clubs revolving around mutual interests in just about anything – sports, activism, hobbies, and even musical artists. One club, UC Taylor’s Version, is an organization dedicated to pop singer Taylor Swift. With the release of Swift’s latest album, “Midnight,” October 21the club has a new air of relevance.

UC Taylor’s version was introduced to campus for the first time this semester. The creation of the club was the brainchild of the current president, Grace Elliott, a third-year psychology student. Following the release of “Red (Taylor’s Version)”, a re-recording of Swift’s 2012 hit album, in November 2021, Elliott discovered that many people on campus, besides her and her friends, wanted to discuss the case. The lack of an outlet to discuss their thoughts on Swift’s music prompted Elliott to start the club through college.

Anushkaa Parwade, a third-year bioscience student, and Grace Elliott, a third-year psychology student, serve as vice president and president of UC Taylor’s Version, respectively.

Given the rather novel idea of ​​a club dedicated to a recording artist, UC Taylor’s version is still working out the details. Nonetheless, its founders want the club to be a gathering place for Swift fans, or “Swifties”, as they call themselves. “I’m very happy to bring people together with this club,” Elliott said. “I’m excited to meet other Swifties and talk about her songs and her lyrics. There’s no judgment for being a fangirl or loving Taylor Swift.”

Currently, the club meets once or twice a month and has announced the dates for all fall meetings on September 4 via their instagram. During meetings, they do things like categorize Swift’s albums, chat about the star, watch music videos, break down lyrics and more. Elliott even reached out to Taylor Swift clubs at other colleges for future reunion ideas.

“My favorite thing [about the club] it is the community that is built. One of my favorite things is talking to another Taylor Swift fan about Easter eggs or hidden or dual meanings in a song,” Elliot said. “It brings so many people together and that’s the best part so far. ‘now.”

The last club meeting was not a traditional after-school gathering. It was more of a listening party for “Midnights”. The band gathered on campus at midnight on October 21 to listen to the album for the first time. Due to the late hour of the club meeting, the version of UC Taylor and the board had to coordinate with UC public safety to organize an event on campus, during which the public safety watched them throughout their meeting to make sure everyone was safe.

“Since the club has just started, we have been trying to understand how things work at the back, but first we have booked a room where everyone will fit in and we can screen the album together,” said said Anushkaa Parwade, vice president of the club and a third-year biological science student. “The people attending the listening party made sure no one was walking alone at night. We also had pizza and speakers for good sound quality. It was a low-key event, but about 100 people turned up. are shown, which was amazing.”

As for the future of the UC Taylor release, meeting plans quickly follow ideas. They still have to make plans for the next semester, trying to formulate ideas around Swift and her music. They know, however, that the overall goal is to gather as many fans as possible.