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Noella McMaher. Image courtesy: Instagram

NEW YORK: Noella McMaher, 10, is believed to be the youngest transgender model to ever walk New York Fashion Week in February and September.

The Chicago fashionista said, “It’s cool to have this title. “It shows that I really like showing off and that being transgender isn’t bad.”

In February, Noella took part in the Trans Clothing Company’s Runway Seven fashion show. She opened and ended the event for Renacio on September 17, 2022.

“It was fun to do something new since I usually do more haute couture power walking. This time I have to tell a story,” Reuters quoted Noella McMaher as saying.

Dee and Ray McMaher, Noella’s parents, see it as their responsibility to support all of her goals, including her advocacy work for other trans children.

“We realize this is so vital in a world where so many factors work against trans kids like her, right now in our current political atmosphere, her desire to be an activist and to be visible to other trans kids is quite important,” said Dee

Noella told her parents around the age of two that she was a girl and that they were supportive of her journey.

She hopes to raise awareness of equality for trans children by engaging in advocacy.

“We are basically born in the wrong body. And when we did, we just switched genders,” Noella said.

In the near future, she hopes to walk the runway at Paris Fashion Week, although she’s not sure what she wants to be when she grows up.

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