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Three other countries are banned from attending Her Majesty’s state funeral on Monday

Representatives of Syria, Venezuela and Afghanistan were BANNED from attending the Queen’s state funeral on Monday.

Meanwhile, North Korea and Nicaragua are joining Iran having been invited only at ambassadorial level, Whitehall sources confirmed today.


Her Majesty’s State Funeral will take place on MondayCredit: PA
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and madman Vlad Putin banned from Queen's funeral


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and madman Vlad Putin banned from Queen’s funeralCredit: Reuters
The Taliban and their leaders are not welcome at the Queen's funeral


The Taliban and their leaders are not welcome at the Queen’s funeralCredit: AFP

Syria is ruled by the bloodthirsty dictator and friend of Putin, Bashar al-Assad, whose government is said to have used chemical weapons against its own people.

In Afghanistan, the ruling Taliban continue to oppress women and political opponents, while Venezuela is ruled by the repressive and authoritarian regime of Nicolas Maduro.

Government sources yesterday confirmed that Russia, Belarus and Myanmar are also not welcome at Her Majesty’s funeral.

The snub sticks two fingers to Mad Vlad Putin, whose troops recently lost 6,000 square kilometers of captured territory to heroic Ukrainian soldiers.

In Myanmar, the ruling military junta has been accused by the United Nations of “depraved” violence against democracy activists.

And in Iran, brutal Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei continues to have a bittersweet relationship with Britain.

Her public television this week compared the queen to Adolf Hitler.

Charles leads the Royals in a somber procession behind the Queen's coffin in Westminster
Millions visit the Queen's coffin at a vigil as the queue stretches more than two miles long

Queen Elizabeth’s funeral is expected to attract around 500 foreign dignitaries.

Around the world, the late monarch has been hailed as one of the greatest rulers of all time.

Most countries have their head of state and a guest.

But Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese revealed yesterday he had also been asked to bring ten who have made ‘extraordinary contributions to their communities’.

It is possible that a handful of celebrities will also be present, such as Sir David Attenborough.

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Guests have also been invited to a reception at Buckingham Palace on Sunday evening, where they will meet King Charles.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is said to have transferred 300 additional employees to planning.

The state funeral will take place at Westminster Abbey at 11 a.m.

The beautiful church can hold around 2,000 people.

After the ceremony, the coffin of the beloved Queen will travel in a procession to Wellington’s Arch.

Afterwards, he will then be sent to St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle for a commitment service.

Before the funeral, the Queen will rest in state at Westminster Hall for four days, starting at 5pm today.

Millions of mourners are expected to file past his coffin and queues could exceed 8 p.m., stretching 10 miles.

Overnight, well-wishers began the long wait, battling rain and cold to secure their place.

People shared pizza, tea and memories of Her Majesty’s incredible 70-year reign.