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These countries are red flags for your plans in Japan

The Japan The tide for Nigerians seems to be recently beating back in the form of visa bans, visa restrictions and even deportations.

Although these actions do not prevent Nigerians from making their japa plans, it is important to point out some countries that you should probably cross off your destination lists. These countries are either historically hostile to Nigerians with inhumane treatment or have shown us shege lately.

Consider this a travel tip.

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) was once the go-to place for Nigerians, but it seems to be tired of hosting Nigerians these days. On October 21, 2022, the United Arab Emirates banned Nigerians from applying for visas and even canceled applications already submitted without refunding applicants.

When a Nigerian woman raised the alarm over the mistreatment of other Nigerians trying to enter the country in August 2022, the United Arab Emirates jailed her for breaking a cybercrime law.

No one really knows the UAE’s reasons for the visa ban, so it’s best for Nigerians to find another vacation hotspot.

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In 2018, the United Nations (UN) released a report detailing the horrors Nigerians face in Libya, ranging from unlawful killings to gang rape, arbitrary detention, torture, unpaid wages, slavery, human trafficking, racism and xenophobia.

Between April 2017 and February 2022, 19,452 Nigerians voluntarily returned from Libya. So if anyone ever suggests Libya as a japa option, please run.


In March 2022, the Nigerian House of Representatives took action to address the violation of human rights of Nigerians in Indonesia following the death of Arinze Igweike in the custody of immigration officials. Officials arrested him along with two other Nigerians and brutalized them until he died.

In August 2021, Indonesian officials were filmed assaulting Abdulrahman Ibrahim, a Nigerian consular officer based in Jakarta. In the film, they held him inside a vehicle while he begged for air because he couldn’t breathe. Indonesia has apologized for the mistreatment, but the incident has shed light on how the treatment of Nigerians in Indonesia could be better.

South Africa

In September 2020, thousands of South Africans marched through the streets with plaques and banners, demanding that Nigerians and other foreigners leave their country.

Protesters claimed that foreigners were taking their jobs away from them and committing crimes – the same narratives used to attack foreigners in the past.

[Image source: Ewn]

In August 2022, the Nigerian High Commission in South Africa warned Nigerians of impending attacks on foreign nationals due to recent statements by a group, “Operation Dudula”. As a Nigerian, living in South Africa means always dreading the next wave of xenophobia.


The reality of what is happening to Nigerians in India is not always the song and dance you see in Bollywood movies. In 2021, a Nigerian activist in New Delhi recounted how Nigerians were subjected to inhumane treatment – ​​ranging from the illegal testing of COVID-19 vaccines to the death of a 43-year-old Nigerian, Leohand Lyeanyi after a police officer would have attacked him.

In October 2022, 60 Nigerian students fled Genoka University after Indian students beat and abused them on the soccer field and in their hostel.

Northern Cyprus

The Nigerian government has repeatedly flagged northern Cyprus as hostile to Nigerians. At least 100 Nigerian students studying there have died in questionable circumstances between 2016 and 2020, but nothing has been done to settle their cases.

What is worse about Northern Cyprus is that it is a country recognized by no one else in the world but Turkey. This means that the Nigerian government cannot have direct diplomatic engagements with them to help Nigerians when they encounter problems there.

The government’s message is clear: whatever happens in Northern Cyprus, you are on your own.

Do you know of any other countries that we have missed that should be red flags for Nigerians? Let us know.

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