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The Jewish community dances where the Nazis once walked

The Karlsruhe Palace in Germany hosted the dedication ceremony of a new Torah for Chabad of Baden written in memory of the rabbi Echezkel Reichman OBM. They danced in the streets where Kristallnacht happened. Full Story, Photos, Video

By the COLlive journalist

At the historic Karlsruhe Palace in Karlsruhe, Germany, a grand event took place to celebrate the dedication of a new Sefer Torah to Chabad of Baden, Germany.

The Torah was written in memory of Rabbi Echezkel Reichman OBM, son of Rabbi Mashpia Moshe Yehuda Hakohen Reichman OBM.

Participating in the event were the Chief Rabbi of Strasbourg Shmuel Akiva SchlesingerAttorney General of Germany – Dr. Pierre Frank, Mayor Frank Menrupactivist Rami Suleimanas well as the extended Reichman family of New York and Israel.

Among the participating family were Mrs. Rachel Reichman from Tel Aviv, Mrs. Yaffa GinzburgR’ Yanky Reichman and family from Crown Heights, R’ Eliezer Reichman and family from Tel-Aviv, R’ Moshe and Lea Shneor by Kfar Chabad, R’ Binyamin and Zhava Axelrod of Petach Tikva, Eli Reichman from Tel Aviv, R’ Moishy Reichmann of New York, R’ Shneor and Fairy Ida of Kfar Chabad and many grandchildren.

In the palace, the final Torah letters were completed by members of the Reichman family who sponsored the writing of the Torah, as well as other donors, including Shliach Rabbi Eliezer Chitrik from Nürnberg. The MC was the rabbi Yochanan Gordon from Munich, Germany.

Speakers included Rabbi Mordechai MendelsohnShliach in Baden, Rabbi Schlesinger and Rabbi Schneur Trebnik, who spoke on behalf of the Shluchim. Other speakers included the Attorney General of Germany, Dr. Frank, and the Mayor, Dr. Mantrop.

The joyful singing was led by the singer Yishai Lapidot and musician David Nachshonwho traveled especially for the event.

After the Torah was finished, the grand procession marched proudly towards the city’s main street and the central Marktplatz square. The grand procession then marched to the memorial at the spot where a Shul was destroyed during the infamous Kristallnacht, under tight security and movingly chanting “Am Yisrael Chai”.

From there, the procession continued through the heart of the city to the Chabad center, where the Hakafos and Seduas Mitzvahs took place.

Also present were the Shluchim families Aharonov – Asan, Barkan – Dusseldorf, Gordon – Munich, Gourevich – Offenbach, havlin – Frankfurt, Chitrik – Nuremberg, Trebnik – Ulm, Rabinovitch – Bad Homburg, and Friedman – Munich.