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The continued existence of the PFI is an indication of the utter failure of the Indian state

The country must act firmly against anti-Indian organizations like PFI. Zero tolerance is the mantra the administration should follow when dealing with such organizations

Kerala child makes provocative statement at PFI rally

The Indian Popular Front (PFI) is an Islamic organization that has seamlessly transformed itself from SIMI, accused of carrying out numerous terrorist attacks under the last Congress regime, into the current avatar. It has been banned in several states and on numerous occasions it has been reported that the Center is considering banning it. The very fact that this Islamist organization accused of serious crimes continues to exist highlights the colossal failure of the Indian state to rein in such radical groups.

Let there be no doubt that PFI is engaged in a civilizational war in India. Its vision of the world is hardly different from that of the Islamic State. It bides its time for a full-scale, multi-frontal Civilization War, while the Indian state is caught up in the dilemma of how to deal with it. PFI is accused of training and funding young Muslims to dupe underage non-Muslim girls (Hindu and Christian) to increase their numbers in an effort to rapidly change demographics.

Kerala observers say PFI is busy raising an army of soldiers who will repeatedly mimic the Moplah massacre; he waits for the opportune moment to attack the Indian state. Anyone who challenges his conversion efforts among the SC/ST, or is perceived to have insulted the Prophet, is openly intimidated and threatened; even high court judges are not spared. If this state of mind is not effectively controlled, it is only a matter of time before Bharat witnesses lynchings in the name of blasphemy, such as are seen from time to time in Pakistan.

The continued existence of the PFI is an indication of the utter failure of the Indian state

High Court of Kerala. ANI

The response from the Indian state has been pathetic to say the least. Like a cowardly, terrorized victim, he looks for ways to ignore or make a few cosmetic arrests, the results of which are hardly productive. Recently, a BJP activist was openly targeted for her views on Islam, but the authorities lacked the courage to take adequate action against those who created a situation that threatened her life. Similar weaknesses on the part of the state were evident when Akbaruddin Owaisi issued an open challenge that 20 million Muslims would slaughter 100 million Hindus if the police forces were suppressed for 24 hours!

Even our courts could have dealt better with such violence-prone elements. While people were burned to death, women raped and thousands displaced in the post-election violence in West Bengal, the judicial balm that these unfortunate victims of violence so desperately needed was lacking. Interestingly, the same court system is seen to be very active in issuing suo motu notices in the Lakhimpur violence case in Uttar Pradesh. Years after the brutal violence of the Delhi riots, not a single perpetrator has been put to death. And in the Kashmir Genocide, which saw hundreds of Kashmiri Hindus killed and an estimated 500,000 displaced, Yasin Malik has been arrested and sent to prison now.

Caught in 70 years of Nehruvism and the Western agenda of using radical Islam as a tool to control, convert and contain the country, India seems to have lost the ability to effectively control the situation despite the overwhelming majority in Parliament. All it takes is the Center to be terrorized by Western elite propagandists and their paid inhabitants, and the government is reluctant to implement laws like the CAA passed by Parliament.

The BJP/RSS response in Kerala to the violence of the PFI is to return violence with violence provoking a spiral of brutal violence on both sides. Some say fear that RSS could also be banned for its retaliation against PFI’s violence is what keeps the Center from banning PFI. Similarly, in West Bengal, instead of implementing the constitutional provisions of presidential rule, the state is allowed to descend into chaos. Many, including this author, correctly warned during the post-election violence in West Bengal over a year ago that failure to act forcefully would lead to its replication in other states such as Telangana. Social media is full of videos showing how railway station properties are openly destroyed in West Bengal, but the state continues to look the other way.

Rather than defining what constitutes a minority, the Center attempts to declare Hindus as minorities, a judgment to which the judiciary has “reserved” itself. While the illegal Rohingyas can settle with all the facilities of citizens whether in Hyderabad or Jammu, the unfortunate Pakistani Hindus have had to return to Pakistan and face the jaws of death or brutality. The media and LIP industry accompanying the justice system are worried about the lack of internet in Kashmir, but not about the fact that Kashmiri Hindus have been forced to live as refugees for decades now.


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This is the tragedy of this country. While we must admire the measures taken by the Center to move the nation forward despite enormous challenges, it cannot be a silent spectator in the institution of laws that compel the country to move forward and use ironclad mechanisms to implement the laws. There needs to be out-of-the-box thinking about how to handle the situation. It is true that the West is actively trying for regime change, bleeding the country in Kashmir and widely using radical Islam and such tools, but that cannot stop the nation from meeting these challenges. Trying to use fair and liberal laws against brutal religious fanatics who want to carry out civilizational massacres will not work and history is an indication of what could happen. It must be tackled through all the front-end mechanisms with bold steps, rather than timid steps.

Although each situation is unique, perhaps we can study how other nations are dealing with the situation. In Germany, for example, the Holocaust is studied from an early age and denying the Holocaust is punishable by law. In France, the emergency provisions which were instituted after a series of terrorist attacks have been renewed for years and form part of the provisions of common law. They monitor mosques and have expelled foreign Muslims the mullahs to encourage violence. In the United States, too, mosques are actively monitored and a single incident of “love jihad” where a high profile Jewish woman, duped by a Lebanese Muslim, was immediately taken into the care of the FBI.

What are the solutions ? One of the biggest challenges India faces is the lack of information about its true history and its very poor understanding of radical Islam (and fanatical Christian missionaries). Only an informed citizen can make informed decisions during the voting process. The state must make it compulsory to inform the public about the veracity of Islamic scriptures quoting their most revered Islamic teachers and integrate it into education. We should note that most of the founders of ISIS have advanced degrees in Islamic theology. There needs to be a national discussion about Sharia laws and compulsory education as part of education without any filters. We have to study what is said during Azaan and what the Islamic scriptures say about Hindus.

Stop the funding of NGOs by Soros-type organizations which are front outfits of the global elite pushing for color revolutions across the world. Bharat needs an effective program to counter the “regime change agenda” of the Western globalists. In vulnerable areas where non-Muslims are targeted by Islamists, defense training should be provided and the possession of weapons such as guns should be facilitated. More importantly, the country must act firmly against anti-Indian organizations such as PFI. Zero tolerance is the mantra the administration should follow when dealing with such organizations.

The author is a US-based activist who played a pivotal role in the introduction of India’s electronic voting machine paper trail known as VVPAT. The opinions expressed are personal.

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