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The Company refuses to perform at events of politicians with “shady” reputations

MANILA, Philippines — In this season of endless political campaigning and electoral solicitation, politicians want singers, top vloggers and other influencers to add credibility to their releases. Vocal group The CompanY have admitted they receive offers to perform at events from politicians who are not after their hearts.

The group could have made easy money in just a few hours. But the members shared their conscience couldn’t take it. The group refused the offers, as tempting as they were.

“We turned down two political events from local government candidates because they come from dynasties with shady reputations,” Moy said. It took a big sacrifice from them.

But although Moy admits that the work is intermittent, they prefer to stick to their principles. Also, he is confident that the group can somehow get the money back.

“We have never been hungry in our 37 years (in the industry) because God is faithful and a great provider,” he continued.

OJ, for his part, said his father (student activist, victim of martial law, turned journalist Dan Mariano) would get mad at him if he performed for a politician he didn’t believe in.

“We were raised to stand up for what we believe in at all costs,” he explained.

Annie added that the politicians know what color the group is wearing and that she could not, for her life, sacrifice the children’s future for something that would ruin their future.

Sweet okay.

“We love the Philippines. I mean what I think is right. I cannot remain silent (about my beliefs),” she told members of the media during a Zoom interview.

So she and her colleagues prefer to focus on something they’ve been passionate about for decades: making great music. The first vocal harmony group just released their 29th studio album, Gitna (ABS-CBN’s Star Music). This shows the versatility of the group in the interpretation of various musical genres: pop, jazz, electronic, dance, acoustic folk and others.

This proves that while The CompanY has retained its signature melodic style, it is ready to embrace changing musical styles. He is even ready to put a touch of theater in his clip.

The album, whose key track is also titled “Gitna”, is available on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.