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“The attitude of some countries not to irritate Russia must change” –

The silent attitude of certain NATO countries and their fear of not irritating Russia did not reward them. Instead, other weak reactions seriously complicate the security situation for the whole of Europe, writes Roman Rukomeda.

Roman Rukomeda is a Ukrainian political analyst. It’s his 27and account of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which he managed to send to EURACTIV despite difficulties and limited internet access.

The 33rd day of war is coming to an end. Russian terrorists continue to show the world their true goals of aggression against Ukraine – the destruction of the sovereign Ukrainian state and its people.

The brightest example of Russian terrorist plans and dreams is the Ukrainian city of Mariupol, which is now surrounded by aggressors and destroyed by carpet bombing.

Russian murderers intentionally bomb hospitals and maternity wards, knowing clearly that their victims are hundreds of women and children hiding in the basements of the attacked buildings.

The death toll in Mariupol is now over 5,000 peaceful residents, thousands of civilians remain under the ruins, many dead lie in the streets without burial as the Russian invaders constantly bombard the city and do not allow humanitarian missions to enter the city and do their job.

According to Mariupol Mayor Vadym Boychenko, 30,000 Mariupol residents were illegally deported to Russia. The mayor said that 90% (2,340) of multi-storey residential buildings in Mariupol were damaged, more than 60% (1,560) of them were damaged by a direct hit, more than 40% (1,400 ) were completely destroyed. Ninety percent (61,200) of private residential buildings were also damaged, of which 60% (40,800) – by a direct hit, more than 40% (27,200) were completely destroyed. Among these destroyed buildings are dozens of schools, kindergartens and hospitals.

Apparently, it’s the same picture in Kharkiv. According to Mayor Igor Terekhov, Russian terrorists destroyed 1,410 buildings in Kharkiv, including 1,177 multi-storey residential buildings, and 53 kindergartens, 69 schools and 15 hospitals. The mayor says that after the war, Kharkiv needs almost complete restoration. The last time Kharkiv suffered such devastation was during World War II. Now the Russian aggressors are bringing the same destruction and death to the city and its people.

One of the methods practiced by the Russian aggressors is the kidnapping of the mayors of towns and villages. From now on, all of Ukraine is hostile to the Russian invaders. They are trying to intimidate the people with terrorist tactics, kidnapping civil activists and mayors. In many cases, these people are tortured by Russian murderers, sometimes killed, sometimes released under popular pressure. These are only parts of the long history of Russian war crimes in Ukraine.

The silent attitude and the fear of some NATO countries not to irritate Russia have already caused some problems for their security, in particular the security in the Black Sea. Not so long ago, Ukraine warned that Russia had illegally planted numerous sea mines in the Black Sea around Ukraine’s coastline. This appeal met with no relevant response from the global community.

Today, the Turkish Defense Ministry said a mine had been discovered in the Black Sea near the border with Bulgaria. The Ministry of Defense said the mine was discovered in waters near the town of Ineada.

On March 26, Turkey blocked ship traffic in the Bosphorus due to a mine, probably one of those used by Russia to exploit the Black Sea. Sappers neutralized it, after which navigation in the strait was restored. A drifting sea mine was also discovered off the Romanian coast on the morning of March 28.

Russia, in its blind aggression against Ukraine and the entire civilized world, pursues only one thing: destruction. The threat from this state has already gone far beyond Ukraine.

A new weak reaction to the Russian aggression against Ukraine not only increases the appetite of the aggressor, but also seriously complicates the security situation for the whole of Europe.

It is time to understand this simple truth for everyone, society and politicians all over Europe and the free democratic world.