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Texas Elementary School Hosts Pride Week With ‘Confidential’ Community Circles

A Texas Elementary School is hosting a Pride Week for students, with planned programs ranging from social-emotional learning to teaching students about social justice.

Events planned for Doss Elementary School Pride Week in Austin, Texas have drawn attention online after popular Twitter account Libs of Tik Tok highlighted the week’s agenda which included “community circles” where students were instructed to keep conversations confidential, an arrangement some interpreted as intended to keep parents in the dark about what was discussed.

A spokesperson for the Austin Independent School District told the Washington Examiner the circles were “confidential in the sense that students feel trusted and respected for their privacy when sharing the conversations” and this should not be interpreted to mean “don’t tell your parents”.

“Circles are part of social-emotional learning and are used for a variety of conversation topics such as test anxiety, world events, internal conflict resolution, social justice,” the doorman said. -word. “The conversation model allows for a process and gives everyone a chance to speak. Everyone, not just parents, has access to the materials in advance. Every parent has the right to opt out of these activities.”

Other Pride Week activities include a student pride parade, a video of which went viral on Monday.

Social-emotional learning has been criticized by conservative activists as a Trojan horse for controversial ideas such as critical race theory, which asserts that American institutions and culture are systematically racist.

Proponents of social-emotional learning say that the program aims only to teach students how to empathize and understand people from different backgrounds.