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Rapper Vic Mensa launches first black-owned cannabis business in Illinois

Source: Gabe Oviawe / Gabe Oviawe/Helio PR

HHappy Black Business Month!

Chicago rapper, actor and activist Vic Mensa unveiled 93 Boyz, the first black owner cannabis company in Illinois. It is an equity-driven cannabis company that aims to reinvest its resources directly into underserved communities.

Vic Mensa announced the launch of 93 Boyz last week. According to a statement from his new marijuana society, 93 Boyz’s core mission is to reinvest in communities and individuals who have historically and been disproportionately impacted by outdated laws, biases and assumptions regarding cannabis use, uplifting the underserved while uplifting the morale thanks to “the most captivating product available in the state. ”

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Among the community initiatives the brand will undertake is a partnership with “Books Before Bars”. The nonprofit provides books to underserved Illinois prison libraries, providing inmates with potentially transformative resources.

93 Boyz was launched as statistics show less than 2% of marijuana businesses in the United States are run by black entrepreneurs.

Vic Mensa was inspired to create the brand with his first stampede in mind.

“Selling weed was my first hustle,” Vic Mensa shares in a statement. “It taught me work ethic, entrepreneurship and funded all my early music projects.”

The artist and activist remembers how cannabis helped him with his experiences of anxiety and depression throughout his life.

“As someone with a lifelong experience of anxiety and depression, it’s amazing to be able to help people dealing with these and other issues while working with something I love.” he in gratitude for his new venture.

He even came with the statistics to back it up: “The War on Drugs has had a devastating impact on my community, yet our representation in the cannabis industry is less than 2%. 93BOYZ is changing that narrative while combining premium weed with socially responsible initiatives.

93 Boyz is also committed to focusing on holistic good. The company has also partnered with aeriz, the world’s largest aeroponic cannabis cultivator, to provide sustainable and eco-friendly products from plant to human. FYI: Aeroponics is a cultivation method for growing produce without using soil or aggregate media. The product line includes premium flower eighths, premium pre-rolls, and strain-specific vape cartridges, encompassing a range of different options from sativa to indica to custom hybrid blends.

Mensa’s longtime non-profit organization, SaveMoneySaveLife, which uplifts and empowers BIPOC individuals through facilitated experiences that integrate contemporary cultural art, traditional knowledge and community service, collaborates with 93 Boyz. The company will build on Mensa’s ongoing mission to help with prison reform by focusing on equity in the cannabis space.

Check out Vic Mensa’s cannabis company, 93 Boyz, below:

Vic Mensa x 93 Boyz

Source: Gabe Oviawe / Gabe Oviawe/Helio PR

Vic Mensa x 93 Boyz

Source: Gabe Oviawe / Gabe Oviawe/Helio PR

Vic Mensa x 93 Boyz

Source: Gabe Oviawe / Gabe Oviawe/Helio PR


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