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QAnon community embraces Republican attack linking Ketanji Brown Jackson to pedophiles

QAnon conspiracy theorists have embraced an attack some Senate Republicans have leveled at Supreme Court nominee Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, who falsely claims she is soft on child predators.

In the days leading up to Jackson’s Senate confirmation hearings, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) deceptively claimed in a series of tweets that Jackson had “a tendency to let child porn offenders off the hook for their appalling crimes, both as a judge and as a policy maker”, calling it an “alarming pattern” . As noted by The Washington Post, Hawley’s claim “pretends that a bipartisan recommendation is Jackson’s and then ignores a variety of factors — such as outdated probation recommendations and guidelines — that could result in longer sentences.” light”. ABC News also found that Jackson’s sentences in child pornography cases were similar to those of federal judges who had been appointed by former President Donald Trump. Nevertheless, other Senate Republicans have also pushed the claim during Jackson’s confirmation hearings.

Since Hawley made the allegation, supporters of QAnon – a conspiracy theory whose core tenet is the belief that there is a cabal of pedophiles that includes Democrats, Hollywood figures and other so-called “elites” – took up the claim, even arguing that the attack will help”red pill the world.”

Shortly after Hawley’s tweets, a user on a prominent QAnon forum Underline the wire as proof that Jackson “has a thing for pedophiles.” And in the days leading up to the start of Jackson’s confirmation hearings, a QAnon influencer shared memes pushing the claim and urging followers to “start spreading them.” And Zak Paine, a QAnon show host who was on part of the Capitol insurrection, pointed to Hawley’s thread as evidence that she’s an “apologist or someone out to make money.” judicial activism on behalf of child molesters and people like his colleagues in the Democratic Party who have successfully molested children. Paine added that this is how “Democrats seem to continue to uplift pedophiles and people who can change the laws surrounding the punishment of people who are pedophiles”.