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Profile of the candidate for Secretary of State: Shawn Keenan

Democrat Shawn Keenan takes on Republican Phil McGrane in the general election race for secretary of state in Idaho.

BOISE, Idaho – With the retirement of Idaho Secretary of State Lawerence Denney, the state is guaranteed to have a brand new Secretary of State following the November 2022 general election. candidates for this post are Republican Phil McGrane and Democrat Shawn Keenan.

KTVB featured McGrane in the first part of the preview series.

In part two, KTVB spoke with Democrat Shawn Keenan. The Northern Idaho Democrat says he is passionate about the election.

“I’ve been a political activist in the state of Idaho, literally since I was about nine years old. I’ve been involved in all levels of campaigning for different people, from local to state to nationally, and I care a lot about where not only this state is but this country is going, so I’m deeply involved that way so that I can kind of stay tuned and help wherever I can to make sure that, you know, my values ​​and our community values ​​are expressed at the ballot box,” Keenan said.

So why does Keenan run, what about this position that inspires him to run?

“During the last election cycle, it seems like the Secretary of State is sort of the cornerstone and the linchpin of our elections, because they are certified by the office of the Secretary of State. And so there seems to be this movement across the country where there are people coming forward, who see an opportunity to seize this office and the power that this office has for nefarious purposes in our democracy,” Keenan said. “And so it was very concerning to me because I saw more and more people getting into Secretary of State races across the country who are election deniers, who, you know, are spreading myths and misinformation about our previous elections. And here, including in Idaho, we had two Republican primary candidates who were also spreading these myths and misinformation about our last election. And so I became very passionate about telling the truth in our elections. And that’s what inspired me to run for the race.

If elected Secretary of State, what would Keenan’s orientation for the office look like?

“I think it is important to restore trust in our electoral process. I think a lot of this misinformation has sown a lot of doubt in our electorate. People wonder if their ballots will actually be counted, if they will be valid, who is counting them and the whole process is very confusing. And I think we need to do a really good job in the secretary of state’s office of educating our constituents about our processes, being transparent about it, but also making sure our elected officials have the proper information about voting and how it works. “, Keenan said.

For more on Idaho’s candidates and ballot metrics, see the KTVB Voter’s Guide.

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