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“Poor countries attacked by calamities linked to climate change”

Malawian President Lazarus Chakwera said in New York, ahead of the first part of the fifth United Nations meeting on the least developed countries (LDCs), that “the economies of Least Developed Countries (LDCs) are threatened by events related to climate change. climatic conditions which follow one another more quickly than before”. The suffocating onslaught comes as LDCs, already suffocated by unsustainable debt burdens, rush towards the US$1 trillion mark.

Chakwera described how his country suffered deep wounds in 2019 at the hands of Cyclones Idai and Kenneth and although those wounds were still fresh, he was attacked again by Tropical Storms Ana and Gombe in the past seven weeks, leaving a trail of destruction and death. Chakwera said the Covid-19 pandemic has increased poverty levels in least developed countries by 35% over the past two years.

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  • Tropical Storm Gombe formed over the Indian Ocean on March 7, 2022, circling over open water northeast of Madagascar.  Late in the evening, the storm made landfall along the northeast coast, becoming the fifth cyclone to directly impact Madagascar in the past six weeks.  According to the Global Disaster Alert and Coordination Center (GDACS), Tropical Storm Gombe carried maximum sustained winds of 65 km/h (40.4 mph) as it landed south of the province of Gombe. 'Antsiranana.

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