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People from war-torn countries, including Ukraine, will perform at the Waterford poetry event

People from war-torn countries, including Ukraine and Afghanistan, will present poetry at an event in Waterford next week.

The event – called Peace Poetry Performance – will take place on Tuesday, November 15 at The Quakers Meeting House, with refugees and local poets showcasing their work on the night.

It is the second such event organized by the Quaker community, the first of which was held earlier this year in Lismore Cathedral to great acclaim.

Poets will read a selection of famous war poems on Tuesday as well as their own peace poems and readings from Afghanistan, Ukraine, Palestine and other war-torn countries.

Poetry Peace Performance is said to have been inspired in part by a poem written by the father of an Afghan, Khatera Walwaligi, who lives in Waterford. His mother and younger sister, along with other family members, died in a car bomb intended for his father, who was a top human rights activist in Afghanistan working alongside the UN.

He subsequently died during the evacuation from Afghanistan last August.

Salal Dayed, who lives in Cappoquin, will read an excerpt from his recently launched book, ‘Escape from War to Live in Peace’, detailing the dangerous six-year journey from war in Syria to peace in Ireland.

Musician and poet Mo O’Connor will also play peace music accompanied by guitarist Bren O’Ruaidh in the evening.

Although admission is free, donations are welcome to support Ms Walwaligi’s family, who are in hiding in Afghanistan and are trying to escape Taliban persecution.

The event takes place at 7:30 p.m.