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‘Only Hindus can apply’ Job offer in UAE is fake; company approaches dubai cops

A company based in the United Arab Emirates has been heavily criticized since Wednesday for a job posting posted on social media. The advert is looking for Security Officers for GBMT Steel Services, which is based in the United Arab Emirates. The announcement specified that “only Hindu candidates can apply”.

Unsurprisingly, the clause caused an uproar on social media. Mejeb-al-Shrika, a Kuwait-based activist and legal expert, shared a screenshot of the ad. Al-Shrika, which has previously criticized right-wing Hindu groups, tweeted on Wednesday, “This is advice to Arab Muslim employers in the Middle East. Please seriously consider the procedure before hiring someone from India. Muslim candidates are maliciously sidelined by a vicious conspiracy to implant an Islamophobic Sanghi instead.

Other netizens also started sharing the screenshot and demanding action against GBMT.

GBMT was forced to take note of the controversy. He joined Twitter in July 2014, but only had one tweet before Wednesday. However, the controversy forced him to respond to several users. The company said the ad was “fake” and not published by it. GBMT said it filed a complaint with the Dubai Police. GBMT shared a screenshot of Dubai Police noting the incident as a cybercrime.

The company also released a detailed statement, saying it was “aware of certain fraudulent and discriminatory job advertisements and recruitment scams.” GBMT’s statement says the purpose of the fraud is “to obtain personal information or money and to defame GBMT.”

The company said “Under no circumstances would GBMT provide employment opportunities via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram.” He also clarified that genuine emails from the company would have a domain name ending in The GBMT again stressed that it “will never issue discriminatory recruitment offers to the public”.

Freelancers at fault?

The controversial clause may have been inserted by independent recruiters. Gulf companies often rely on freelancers and consultants, rather than traditional recruitment or labor companies, to hire people in India. THE WEEK contacted C. Murugesh, whose name and number appeared on the controversial ad. murugesh said THE WEEK he was a freelance recruiter who had learned of a job opening at GBMT through a contact in Mumbai, who he said was also freelance.

GBMT’s Twitter account said it did not know Murugesh.