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One City Peterborough launches ‘Community University’ offering of Pay What You Can workshops for community advocates — PtboCanada

One City Peterborough launches ‘Community University’ offering of Pay What You Can workshops for community advocates — PtboCanada

One City Peterborough has launched its Community University, which will offer paid workshops for anyone interested in learning more about advocacy and community action.

The fall semester will include five different workshops.

Making space to hold space: self-regulation in the presence of trauma

This three-part workshop will focus on learning how trauma and stress affect the brain and body, and how regulation can help prevent trauma, heal it, and lead a life of integrity. .

This workshop focuses primarily on doing this work for yourself and how being in a state of regulation can help support others going through distressing events. This training was adapted from Eric Gentry’s Forward Facing Trauma Therapy course to meet our needs as non-therapists.

This workshop is for volunteers, helping professionals, and anyone interested in exploring what it can mean to live with intention and alignment to your principles.

Making Meaningful Flags: Collecting flags for community transformation

Led by Jeff Macklin of Jackson Creek Press, attendees will learn about the historical use of textiles and flags in activism, explore messaging, color and composition, and use lino printing, stamping, sewing and painting to work on their own piece.

Basics of Nonviolent Communication

This workshop builds on the course Make space to hold spacebut it is not obligatory to have followed this course.

Nonviolent communication is an approach that seeks to move beyond the defensiveness that so often divides us to a place of connection where we can share our feelings and needs and be open to each other about how we would like those needs met. . The purpose of this workshop is to learn a mode of communication that can help our ability to listen and share with each other. It is a form of communication that seeks to move from dominance to connection. This is helpful in de-escalation, supportive relationships, and personal relationships.

This workshop is for volunteers, aid professionals and anyone looking for another way to communicate.

Listen Rather Than Force: Techniques for Defusing Potentially Violent Situations

This course offers techniques that can be used to defuse situations that could turn violent, in a way that builds connection instead.

Transforming My Community: Using Kingian Nonviolence as a Framework for Social Change

This workshop explores the principles and practices of Kingian nonviolence and imagines how they could be used to bring about change in our own communities.

This workshop is for activists, campaigners, volunteers, aid professionals and anyone looking to bring about change in their community.

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