Activist community

Neighborhood Guardian Facebook groups aim to increase safety and community

New neighborhood digital watch groups are underway in Milan.

Chuck Henson, who has created several Facebook pages, along with group director Linda Hocker, is looking for neighbors to join the new Neighborhood Guardians Facebook groups.

They invite entire neighborhoods or involved additions “to start making Milan a friendlier and safer place to live, one neighborhood at a time,” Henson said.

“Linda’s skill is definitely being a community organizer,” said Henson, who calls himself a “digital community activist.”

“We have 5 ‘Neighborhood Guardians’ Facebook groups and have titled them according to the neighborhood or area they reside in in Milan,” Henson said. For example, to see the Hillcrest Group, visit here.

Groups, he says, have taken off and grown with each page/district) having its own admin/block captani, “making it a quick resource for getting help and reporting anything suspicious.” Group representatives are active at city council meetings.

A Neighborhood Guardians movie/potluck night will be held at 5 p.m. on Saturday, June 18. For more information, contact Henson by Messenger or by phone at 309-798-1626 or Hocker at 309-738-5233.