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Nearly 250 films from more than 50 countries submitted to the 48th EKOFILM this year

BRNO/PRAHA/ČR – This year, the 48th international environmental film festival EKOFILM will offer a momentous spectacle. A total of 243 documentaries from more than 50 countries participated in the competition. This year, the United States leads with 34 admissions, followed closely by Germany with 27 films. The Czech Republic offers 20 documentaries. The drama team will select the 25 most interesting films from all entries next month to enter the final competition. Europe’s oldest environmental film festival will take place in Brno from October 12 to 15 this year.

Each year we are delighted with the diversity of the countries represented. As in previous years, there has been a notable increase in themes geared towards social activism, which are being tackled by filmmakers across generations. Whether it’s a call for sustainability, reconstructions of corporate-caused local disasters, legal accountability, or insight into the lives of activists, illuminating motivations and causes that resonate in society” , said Jitka Kotrlová, head of the dramaturgy team, describing the edition.

This year, EKOFILM will focus on environmental and climate issues that are topical across Europe. The films will reflect society’s challenge to prepare cities and landscapes for changing natural conditions, whether to conserve water in the landscape, to provide energy and food or to reduce the impact of human activity on the planet.

From a total of 243 entries lasting 112 hours and 20 minutes, the drama team led by Jitka Kotrlová will select the best 25 films to compete in three categories – Beauty of Nature, Central European Films and Short Films . The Prize of the President of the Festival and especially the Grand Prize of the Festival of the Minister of the Environment will be awarded. Films not only from America but also from Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia will compete for the award.

We have a very difficult decision to make this year, as there are many quality films submitted, all dealing with important topics, but only 25 can be selected for the main competition. The selection will therefore be determined by the representation of themes that must be linked, complementary and offer our audience different perspectives on the issue of personal and social responsibility towards the climate and the environment,” added Kotrlová on behalf of the team. of dramaturgy.

Filmmakers are also motivated to submit their films to the festival as the winning films this year will share a monetary prize of approximately USD 3,350.

As every year, the films screened at the festival can also be broadcast via Les Échos EKOFILM. Interested parties simply send the list of selected films they wish to screen during their non-commercial screening to This email address is protected from spam. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and promote the event under the name “Echos of EKOFILM”. Other conditions and information about Echoes are available on the festival website.

The 48th FIF EKOFILM is held under the auspices of Minister of the Environment Anna Hubáčková, Minister of European Affairs Mikuláš Bek, Governor of the South Moravian Region Jan Grolich, Mayor of the Statutory City of Brno Markéta Vaňková, District Mayor of Brno-střed Vojtěch Mencl, Rector of Masaryk Martin Bareš University and Rector of Mendel Jan Mareš University.