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Minnesota Secretary of State Won’t Audit 2020 Crow Wing County Election Results

Secretary of State Steve Simon will not perform a “full forensic audit” of the 2020 election demanded by a group of Crow Wing County activists.

The county board passed a resolution calling for the audit after months of pressure from residents who cited discredited allegations of voter fraud. In a letter last week, Simon responded that there was “no legitimate reason to question the integrity of the 2020 election in Crow Wing County.”

“The county has already done its duty with great skill, and the system has worked as it was designed – and as the public has come to expect,” wrote Simon, who added that post-reviews pollsters found no irregularities “and no reason for suspected misconduct” in the county in 2020.

He added that his office “would not engage in a vague and incredibly broad search for unspecified misconduct.”

Ben Davis, a Remnant Ministry Center pastor in Brainerd who helped spearhead the campaign, declined to comment on Simon’s letter. Election activists again appeared at the Crow Wing County Board meeting on January 25 to press for more action.

In his letter, Simon warned of the “serious challenges” posed by misinformation.

“Everything is so toxic and it needs to stop,” he wrote. “I believe it will stop – if enough of us resist it.”