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Miami Jewish community honors Israeli philanthropic medical group

An Israeli philanthropic organization that helps patients seeking medical advice and counseling was honored last week at a conference hosted by the Miami Jewish Community.

Lema’anchem (translated from Hebrew as “for you”) is an NGO that provides free advice to thousands of patients in Israel and abroad who need advice, a second opinion and companionship on the path to appropriate medical treatment, but who cannot afford it. The organization is led by President Yossi Erblich and Director of the Assaf Harofeh Medical Center, Dr. Benny Davidson.

The event, initiated by the IDB bank of New York, took place in the suburb of Aventura, Florida, and welcomed many businessmen and philanthropists. The entrepreneurs expressed their appreciation for the organization’s activities on behalf of patients and their families, making donations to the NGO in the process.

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נשיא המדינה יצחק הרצוג ורעייתו מיכל עם מקבלי אות הנשיא

President Isaac Herzog and Rabbi Yossi Erblich

(Photo: GPO)

Erblich himself is a public activist in the fields of medicine and medical counseling and guidance, who has dedicated his life to helping others. After years of cultivating strong relationships with senior health system officials, he launched Lema’anchem, with the aim of providing free, 24-hour medical counseling services.

President Isaac Herzog bestowed the honor on Erblich and said, “I was very happy when they informed me that you will receive the award because you are doing great acts of kindness.”