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Meet Queennak, bringing countries together through the power of art and music

She has made her mark as a one-of-a-kind contemporary artist, visual artist, musical artist, and so on.

It is amazing to know and learn about all these people and professionals who, in more than one way, make sure to go beyond borders to make their unique mark as unique personalities in the industries of their choice. What’s even more captivating is the fact that more and more women are coming to the forefront of industries and choosing to do the unusual to achieve the next level of success in whatever they choose to do. put the hand. The artistic and creative fields are teeming with these gifted beings; however, among them, one name that has been buzzing for all the right reasons is an amazing woman named Queennak.

Wondering who Queennak really is? Well, let us tell you that this woman, it is her passion, her madness and her commitment to her work that allow her today to bring countries together through cultural exchange and the power of art. She admits that from the very beginning, if something attracted her the most, it was art and music. Queennak’s vision of becoming huge in these fields made her leap into it to emerge as a true blue contemporary artist, visual artist, music artist, fashion icon, television personality, and also a South African activist. West, Sierra Leone 🇸🇱.

It was her passion for her work, which kept her going on her way, she mentions. Queennak then lived in China for 10 years and then moved to the United States with her son “PRINCE YANG” to pursue their studies and careers and also to promote cultural exchange between Africa, Asia and America . Since then, this talented and professional mom has never looked back and has hosted international festivals, carnivals, fashion shows, talk shows, charities and even presidents and other government delegations in China. .

Queennak believes that her never-give-up attitude has always helped her overcome challenges on her path and also motivated her to keep walking on her path no matter what. She advises the same to others in all areas of the world. As a US resident today, she looks forward to continuing her positive works and calling on everyone to support her.