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Medical waste firm pictured by anti-abortion group denies transporting fetal remains

Curtis Bay Medical Waste Services says its company policy prohibits transportation of fetal remains or cadavers to its Baltimore facility.

WASHINGTON — A Maryland medical waste company says it does not transport fetal remains and cannot explain why anti-abortion activists say they found at least five fetuses in packages with its labels at a DC clinic.

A spokesperson for ASC Advisors, owner of Baltimore-based Curtis Bay Medical Waste Services, told WUSA9 on Monday that company policy prohibits its employees from transporting fetal remains and that any use of a box labeled by the company for fetal remains was not permitted.

Arlington-based anti-abortion group Live Action on Friday released photos allegedly obtained by another group, Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising, appearing to show shipments of medical waste from the Washington Surgi-Clinic with Curtis Bay Medical Waste Services labels. The photos were posted alongside graphic images of what the groups claimed were fetuses discovered by anti-abortion activist Lauren Handy.

WUSA9 reviewed a copy of Curtis Bay’s Special Waste Management Customer Guide, which lists fetal remains as an “unacceptable waste” category for its Baltimore facility. The guidance notes that fetal remains must be “separated from the medical waste stream and buried or cremated” in accordance with applicable laws.

The Washington Surgi-Clinic did not respond to repeated requests for comment from WUSA9.

It was still unclear how the groups obtained the packages. WUSA9 asked Lila Rose, Founder and President of Live Action, if any of the activists may have illegally intercepted the shipment.

“Our job at Live Action News is to report on crimes against children and crimes in the abortion industry,” Rose replied. “Activists said they got these remains from a whistleblower.”

Randall Terry, who founded the anti-abortion organization Operation Rescue and who identified himself as a spokesperson for Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising, supported the photos and rejected Curtis Bay’s denial.

“The box speaks for itself and more will be revealed on Tuesday,” Terry said.

Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising has scheduled a press conference Tuesday morning to address the fetuses as well as the indictment of Handy and eight others last week on felony human rights conspiracy charges. That same day, DC police, responding to a tip-off, discovered five aborted fetuses at Handy’s Capitol Hill home. Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising, where Handy serves as director of activism, claimed that Handy herself contacted the police to retrieve the fetuses. The group called on the DC medical examiner to perform a full autopsy on the fetuses, though DC police said medical examiners had already determined they appeared to have been aborted according to DC law.

The group said they held a “funeral mass” and a “baptism ceremony” for the fetuses. As of Monday afternoon, no criminal charges had been filed in connection with the discovery of the fetuses.