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March May Day Rallies in European Countries

Thousands of people marched across Europe on Sunday for the May Day protests, honoring workers and shaming their governments for doing more for their citizens.

May 1 is a public holiday in many countries around the world.

In France, police fired tear gas to repel black-clad anarchists who ransacked business premises in Paris as people protested the policies of newly re-elected President Emmanuel Macron.

French police have arrested nearly 30 people.

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“Black Bloc” anarchists ransacked a McDonald’s restaurant on Place Léon Blum and ransacked several real estate agencies, smashing their windows and setting trash cans on fire.

Police said activists even attacked firefighters, trying to put out fires. The police responded by firing tear gas.

Turkish riot police clashed with protesters and detained dozens at a May Day rally as tens of thousands marched across Europe in support of workers’ rights. AFP footage showed protesters pinned to the ground and dragged out of the rally in Istanbul, which the governor’s office said was not allowed.

While scuffles were reported in Italian cities including Turin, crowds of thousands gathered in London in England and cities in Germany with no signs of trouble.

In Spain, some 10,000 people joined a protest in Madrid, Spain, and unions called for demonstrations in dozens of other cities, some of them drawing thousands of people.