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Malawi: Violent criminals defy police as security firm boss urges vigilance

A resurgence of violent criminal gangs is unleashed, defying the Malawi Police with a “Catch us if you can” message, prompting the Malawi Law Society (MLS) to desperately demand maximum protection for all citizens.

MLS chairman Patrick Mpaka made the call in an interview after a number of lawyers were brutally attacked in their homes by armed criminal gangs.

Prominent human rights activist and social justice advocate, John-Gift Mwankhawa was violently attacked at his home in Blantyre on Sunday evening; then lawyer Ralph Sauti was attacked at his home on Monday evening by robbers who seriously injured him.

Saïd Mpaka: “We call on the authorities to seriously guarantee the maximum security of Malawians, because the criminals seem to have taken over the management of the state.

A security firm boss on Tuesday predicted an upsurge in violent crime towards businesses and wealthy individuals to be vigilant in reassessing personal security arrangements to protect their property and lives.

“If you value your work and home life, I would advise you to re-evaluate your security by hiring a professional service provider who has quick response for guards in the event of an attack.

“We are partners with the police in the fight against criminals, we commend their efforts. The police are under-resourced, which is why we come to compliment their efforts,” said Davie Kavinya, managing director of Target Security Group, whose company has over 50 high-breed purebred security dogs, including German Shepherds, Rottweilers and Boerboels.

Mwakhwawa has become the third lawyer to be attacked in three weeks.

“We are calling on the police to investigate the attack on lawyers Kajani Banda who later died in Mlambe Hospital, Ralph Sauti who was injured in both hands and now John Gift Mwankhawa whose property including a vehicle has been destroyed. stolen,” Mpaka said.

“Security Failure”

Malawi Police (MPS) National Spokesperson James Kadadzera admits the situation is indeed a worrying development, especially as a particular section of society is being targeted.

Said Kadadzera: “As the Malawi Police, we would therefore like to assure everyone that we will do everything possible to contain the situation.

“We are on top of things and always in control of security, law and order and therefore there is no need to worry.”

Mwakhwawa’s car has since been found undamaged after thieves dumped the vehicle with the keys on its ignition hole outside a Seventh-day Adventist church in Blantyre.

Although there has been a wave of individual thefts from CBDs and homes, state institutions like police stations have faced similar cases in recent weeks.

Recently, Anti-Corruption Bureau Director General Martha Chizuma also had a rude awakening after some bandits invaded her home and stole her valuables.