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Maine is the only state in the country that strongly hates TikTok

It is no exaggeration to say that almost everyone’s life includes the use of certain applications on our smartphones. From checking in with friends via Facebook and Instagram, to banking, browsing, and playing 10 levels on Candy Crush, smartphone apps have become a big part of American culture. But not everyone is down with every app. According to PCMag, exhaustive research has revealed which apps each state hates the most. And it should come as no surprise that Maine hate the most popular app in the world right now.

Based on PC Mag’s results, Maine split his hate between two different apps. In fact, Maine is the only state in the country to strongly hate both. The first on the list is ICT Tac, which has exploded in popularity to become the most viewed app in the world. Despite all this popularity, Maine is unimpressed. Maybe Pine Tree State’s middle age plays into that hate. Whatever the reasoning, there is no other state in the country that despises TikTok as much as Maine.

But it wouldn’t be Vacationland if we didn’t hate something else just as much. Maine is also the only state in the country to take a strong stance on the Amazon Prime Video application. The Prime video app certainly has its issues, with slow loading times and crashing issues, but no one in the country seems to care about these issues as much as the people of Maine.

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So what’s the most universally hated app in the US? That would be Tinder, which topped the list for 16 different states across the country.

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