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Lulu Mall denies employing 80% of a single community

Lucknow, July 18 (IANS): The management of the Lulu shopping center in Lucknow has strongly denied the allegation that workers from only one community were employed there.

Jai Kumar Gangadhar, Regional Manager of Lulu India Shopping Mall Pvt, said in a statement that “the consumer is paramount to us. Our establishment conducts business within the limits prescribed by government rules. Regardless of the workers we have here they are not kept in the name of caste, creed, religion, but on the basis of their effectiveness.”

He added that “all the workers we have here are local, from Uttar Pradesh and the country, of which more than 80% are Hindus and the rest are Muslims, Christians and people from other sections. We learned that some of the special interests have tried to target our establishment by making such allegations.”

The Lulu mall, which opened on July 10, became a center of controversy when unidentified people were filmed offering namaz inside the mall.

Right-wing activists reacted by threatening to recite “SundarKand” and Hanuman Chalisa inside the mall.

Twenty people were arrested for shouting slogans in malls and security was tightened in and around the mall.

A Hindu leader, Shishir Chaturvedi, claimed that the Lulu Mall encouraged love jihad by employing many young Muslims and employing only Hindu girls.