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Liz Cheney state primaries result: Trump says bitter primaries battle is ‘referendum’ over his culpability in Jan. 6 riot

Liz Cheney ad calls naysayers’ stance on ‘big lie’

Voters will decide the fate of two top Republicans on Tuesday as primary elections are held in Alaska and Wyoming, two of the reddest states in the country.

In Wyoming, Deputy Chair of the House Select Committee investigating Jan. 6 Liz Cheney faces an effort by Donald Trump to punish her for her disloyalty in the form of Harriet Hageman, his former employee and current principal. rival.

Ms Cheney is deep underwater in the polls and could lose more than 20 points tomorrow by most indications. However, she has a trick up her sleeve: Democrats, who are rallying behind her in an attempt to block another 2020 election conspirator. Wyoming has closed the primaries, but voters can change their registration on Election Day.

Meanwhile, in Alaska, former state governor and right-wing provocateur Sarah Palin is seeking a political comeback after resigning from her previous post under a cloud of ethics inquiries. She trailed a fellow Republican, as well as a Democrat in the race, in a poll measuring her support levels last month. Alaska has a choice vote, which means candidates will face Democratic and Republican voters to decide the outcome.


Democratic activist Alec Baldwin praises Cheney, calling her America’s Navalny

Democratic activist and actor Alec Baldwin has praised Liz Cheney, comparing her to Russian opposition leader Alexai Navalny.

Mr Baldwin made the remarks about the Wyoming Republican in a podcast released on Tuesday – the day Ms Cheney faces voters in her state’s GOP primary for her seat in the US House of Representatives.


Speculation grows if a loss for Cheney could set up a presidential race in 2024

Speculation over whether Rep. Liz Cheney, a staunch anti-Trump Republican whose specter has been raised in recent months during the Jan. 6 televised hearings — where she serves as House committee vice chair – could run for the country’s highest office in 2024.

CBS’s Robert Costa, the network’s chief election and campaign correspondent, had this to say last night about the impact of the potential loss of the anti-Trump Republican in Wyoming and what it could mean for a presidential bid:

“This is a moment that is a reckoning for the Republican Party,” Mr. Costa began. “Her political future is at stake. She faces a melting pot politically.

“But it could set her up, if she loses, for something that doesn’t usually happen to a candidate when they’re defeated in a home race, which is a national race, a presidential race.”

“She’s got a lot of money in the bank…she’s raised over $13 million at least, which puts her in a position with a national fundraising base and national support from the anti-Trump wing of the party. republican.”

“Would that be enough to win the nomination?” Who knows at this point. It would also be an uphill climb. But that’s the kind of thing she looks at.

Watch the full clip below:


Sarah Palin returns to the national stage and a Republican party made in her image

Richard Hall, correspondent for The Independent, writes that today, as Sarah Palin returns to the national stage through a congressional race in Alaska, she is greeted by a party quite different from the one she left behind. . Today, it is the Republican Party of Sarah Palin, more than that of John McCain.


Trump: Cheney’s defeat will be ‘a very big problem, one of the biggest’

Leader Liz Cheney’s nemesis and former President Donald Trump has taken to his Truth Social social media platform to predict that the media will downplay any loss to the Republican Wyoming lawmaker at the close of polls tonight and will not tie her to her role on the January 6 select committee. .

If Liz Cheney loses tonight, the Fake News Media will do everything in their power to downplay it and pretend it wasn’t an Unselect referendum – That it didn’t matter. In fact, it would be a very big deal, one of the biggest!

Former President Donald Trump

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Cheney says today is ‘the start of a battle that will continue’

CBS News spoke with Rep. Liz Cheney, accompanied by her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney, in Jackson, Wyoming, shortly after casting her vote.

Today is “certainly the start of a battle that will continue. And as a country, we’re facing a time when our democracy is really under attack and under threat,” Cheney told CBS News’ Robert Costa shortly after casting his ballot in Jackson, Wyo.

“I am very proud of all the work I have done with the people of Wyoming over the past six years and truly understand and recognize that there is nothing more important than defending our Constitution,” she said.

Commentators believe she will be beaten by Trump-endorsed challenger Harriet Hageman when the polls close tonight.


Murkowski touts securing funding for projects in Alaska

Senator Lisa Murkowski tweeted a map of all the funding she secured for more than 130 projects in Alaska for fiscal year 2023.

Her main selling point for continuing to represent the state is that she has worked tirelessly for Alaskans since she first traveled to Washington to represent them in the Senate in 2002.

She tweeted, “Worked hard to shape FY23 bills and secure directed funding for over 130 projects in Alaska to support workforce development; housing, water supply and sewage infrastructure; public safety; salmon research; mental/behavioural health; soldiers and their families.

While her inside track and ability to work the halls of power to benefit her stake is seen as a selling point for her supporters, those running against her argue that she is too much of a Washington insider.


Peter Navarro claims he has ‘circumstantial evidence’ Cheney will try to steal absentee ballots

Peter Navarro, a former White House aide in the Trump administration and a top trade adviser, said in an appearance Monday night before the Wyoming primary that he believed he had “circumstantial evidence” that shows that Liz Cheney will try to “steal” the election in her state through what she describes as fraudulent mail-in ballots.

“It would be ironic if Liz Cheney was found guilty tomorrow of trying to steal this election, but here is the evidence and I think there is pretty good circumstantial evidence,” said Navarro, who was sentenced to stand trial for criminal contempt of congressional charges. after refusing to cooperate with the Jan. 6 committee, of which Ms. Cheney is vice-chair.

Mr. Navarro then presented letters sent by the Cheney campaign in Wyoming in recent weeks, which detail how to request an absentee ballot.

At no point in the form does it ask anyone to vote for Ms Cheney, despite the Wyoming secretary of state warning the Cheney campaign against using ‘official election’ language in campaign materials after sending letters.


Cheney votes in Wyoming

Representative Liz Cheney cast her ballot in today’s Republican primary in Wyoming.

Tweeting a photo of the moment, she said: “Proud to vote today. The challenges we face require serious leaders who will keep their oath and uphold the Constitution no matter what.


ICYMI: ‘Was there an actual sentence in there somewhere?’

Liz Cheney’s campaign mocked the leader of House Republicans after he offered a confusing explanation for why he wanted to see his party colleague’s back.

Trump stalwart Kevin McCarthy spoke to Fox News ahead of a primary in Wyoming that Cheney is expected to lose. Although they have been close allies for years, the couple fell out when Cheney – formerly the third-longest-serving Republican in the House – sought to hold Trump accountable for his actions in instigating the Jan. 6 riot.

As McCarthy begged Trump to recall his supporters as they stormed the Capitol that day, he has since returned to the former president’s good graces by opposing any investigation into what happened. past and making a pilgrimage to Mar-a-Lago.

Interviewed in Wyoming, McCarthy said: “The main philosophy is less government, an idea of ​​freedom, and the look and feel – just the concepts of a country designed in freedom and dedicated to the proposition that we all are… “

Fox correspondent Rich Edson interrupts to say, “But hasn’t she fit that bill for the last few years?”

McCarthy responds, “I think his whole focus has been different. All his attention has been focused on a single person, whether he has information or not, instead of focusing on his district itself.

Cheney’s campaign was unimpressed, issuing a statement saying, “It’s really hard to understand that word salad. Was there a real sentence in there somewhere?


Trump gloats over loss of Liz Cheney before primaries even open

As polls indicate a heavy defeat looms for Liz Cheney in Wyoming, former President Donald Trump has lashed out at the Republican Representative using his trademark phrase, “You’re fired.”

Voters will decide the fate of the top Republican on Tuesday as primary elections take place in Wyoming, one of the nation’s reddest states.

reports Maroosha Muzzafar.