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Lafayette Parish Community Shows Incredible Support for Library Director Fighting Censorship

Community members feared that Chance would be fired again next month and called for more support for Chance. “Show your support for your local library system and please come and speak your mind,” community member William Veillon told KLFY. “We need people here to tell this library board that they don’t represent this community,”

Library manager Danny Gillane, whose contract was under review and approved for another year, emailed board members asking them to postpone their decision until it was back in town, according to Daily announcer. At least two board members agreed with Gillane’s rationale, with one admitting they felt uncomfortable firing Chance given his lack of a previous disciplinary record. Chance’s attorney also pushed back against the board’s conduct. “The first time Ms. Chance was made aware of alleged insubordination was here in this room in front of everyone,” attorney Robert Schmidt told the Daily announcer. “She received no sort of prior warning of the action that was proposed or of the wrongdoing that she was accused of having committed.” No date or time has been set for the closed session to determine possible disciplinary action against Chance in August.