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Give us more weapons

Ukraine’s first lady makes impassioned plea to Congress

The same day that Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov announced that Russia would expand its “special military operation” to include the “denazification” of Kherson, Zaporizhzhia and “a number of other territories” in Ukraine, Olena Zelenska went headlong for the US Congress. “I ask for weapons,” she said. “I demand air defense systems so that rockets do not kill children in their strollers.” Washington has already sent billions of dollars in military aid to Ukraine, but officials in Kyiv say they will need even more Western weaponry to turn the tide of the war for good. (Source: Fox, PA)

Déjà vu

Sri Lanka gears up as Rajapaksa loyalist sworn in as president

Ranil Wickremesinghe was sworn in Thursday morning, after winning support from lawmakers. “I am absolutely disgusted with the result,” said activist Jeana De Zoysa. “I can’t believe that 134 people… who are supposed to represent the people, completely ignored the wishes of the people.” Wickremesinghe agreed to resign as prime minister during protests that led to the ousting of former president Gotabaya Rajapaksa, but later reneged on his promise and vowed to crack down on “fascist” protesters. “Ranil will be hunted,” said toy exporter Anura Goonaratna. “He’s a crook and he doesn’t have a warrant.” (Source: BBC, The Guardian)

Not so great Mario

Mario Draghi leaves the post of Italian Prime Minister

For the second time in a week, Draghi tendered his resignation – and this time President Sergio Mattarella reluctantly accepted. The former central banker continues to enjoy huge support among Western leaders, Italian mayors and voters – but the broad parliamentary coalition he had built collapsed after parties led by Matteo Salvini, Silvio Berlusconi and Giuseppe Conte boycotted a vote of confidence. Draghi was widely seen as the only hope of unlocking Italy’s economic potential – and he was also instrumental in imposing tough sanctions on Russia. Mattarella is expected to call a snap election, with polls suggesting Putin’s admiring conservative bloc will win. (Source: FT, Reuters)

Press on

Temporary relief for Europe as Russian natural gas flows again

Germany breathed a collective sigh of relief as Nord Stream 1 resumed pumping gas on Thursday after a 10-day maintenance shutdown – albeit at just 30% to 40% capacity. Berlin officials feared the pipeline, which supplies a third of the country’s gas, would not reopen at all. Yet Europe is preparing for a winter of discontent, with the European Commission proposing that all member countries cut their gas consumption by 15% in anticipation of a total blackout from Moscow. The German government has already said that utility companies can light 10 idle coal-fired power stations and six more with oil. (Source: PA)


here are some things you should know today:

Never again. A bipartisan group of senators has proposed a new law that would revise the voter count law in hopes of ensuring the peaceful transfer of power from one president to another. (Source: NYT) Two for tango. The race to succeed British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been narrowed to two. Conservative Party members will choose between Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss – with polls naming Truss as the frontrunner. (Source: BBC) End of an era. An An, the world’s oldest male giant panda in captivity, has been euthanized due to health issues. The 35-year-old’s ‘smartness and playfulness’ will be greatly missed. (Source: CNN)



OSU confirms plagiarism in Croce’s cancer lab

An internal Ohio State University investigation into the cancer research lab headed by controversial professor Carlo Croce has found two scientists – Michela Garofalo and Flavia Piciorri – guilty of multiple instances of data falsification and plagiarism. The investigation stopped short of accusing Croce of research misconduct, as it found no evidence that he personally cooked the books. But investigators said the “inappropriate behavior” of scientists in his lab was “due in part to Dr. Croce’s poor mentorship and lack of oversight”. Croce was stripped of an endowed chair but he remains employed by OSU – with a salary in excess of $820,000. (Source: Nature)

Snooze for Moos

As the UK heats up, farmers try cow naps

Nothing beats an afternoon nap on a hot day. Dairy cows, with their heat-producing “fermentation tanks”, are not designed for 77 degrees – let alone 104. Extreme heat reduces cows’ milk production, affects fertility and leads to complications during pregnancy. Several UK farms have started bringing cows into barns during the heat of the day. Other options include pivoting to breeds like Jerseys that are more heat tolerant and, said dairy farmer Helen Browning, planting more trees: “They provide wildlife and carbon benefits but also shade and shelter – but they would take 20 years to grow now.” We could also try drinking less milk. (Source: The Guardian)

The Hangover From Hell

Couple arrested 8 months after daring $1.7 million wine theft

The long arm of the law finally caught up with the Mexican beauty queen and her Romanian-Dutch co-conspirator when they attempted to enter Croatia from Montenegro. Investigators allege that after going to the Michelin-starred Spanish restaurant atrium hotel and restaurant last October, the 29-year-old Mexican waiters distracted waiters by ordering room service after the kitchen closed. His male accomplice snuck into the cellar and hid 45 bottles, including an 1806 Chateau d’Yquem of “incalculable” value, in backpacks stuffed with hotel towels. They left at 5:30 a.m. the next morning, sparking an intercontinental police chase worthy of a Hollywood remake. (Source: Reuters, DW)

Rob the Coop

Vermont Chicken hitchhikes in Downtown Misadventure

Lo Fasano had just finished her coffee in downtown Burlington when she noticed a wandering chicken on Main Street. After being told by the police that they “don’t make chickens”, Fasano decided to bring the bird home and use social media to find its owner. A Facebook post led her to the chicken’s mom, Rebecca Thibeault, who quickly found her precious fowl. After comparing the notes, the women figured out that the bird had traveled 13 miles between Hinesburg and Burlington in the undercarriage of Thibault’s Ford – and had traveled 65 mph on Interstate 89 at one point. given. (Source: WCAX)

Go girl!

Russian tennis star Daria Kasatkina defies the risks of coming out as gay

The country’s highest-ranked player announced the news in a interview with a local blogger. “I think there’s nothing easier in this world than being straight,” she said. “Why complicate your life, especially in Russia? The interview aired just hours after a bill was introduced in parliament that would expand the 2013 ‘gay propaganda’ law by prohibiting public discussion of LGBTQ+ issues in either a positive or neutral light. Nadya Karpova, the first openly gay player in the Russian national football team, praised Kasatkina: “The moment is also very symbolic, with all the shitty things going on in Russia.” (Source: CNN, The Guardian)

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