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Juniper Investment raises Bioventus stake above 5% and discussed with company and other shareholders

Fintel reports that Juniper Investment Company, LLC has filed a Form 13D/A with the SEC disclosing ownership of 4,593,463 Class A Shares (BVS) of Bioventus Inc. This represents 7.4% of the company.

In their previous filing dated July 21, 2022, they reported 3,260,027 shares and 5.30% of the company, an increase in shares of 40.90% and an increase in total ownership of 2.10% (calculated as current – previous ownership percentage).

The company said it has held talks with the company and other shareholders and is considering its next move.

“Certain Juniper employees have had communications with the Bioventus Board of Directors to discuss corporate governance. To date, Juniper has found discussions with management and the Board of Directors to be constructive. Juniper can seek additional communications regarding corporate governance and other issuer-related matters in the future,” Juniper wrote in its latest 13D Activist Filing with the SEC.

Bioventus offers cost-effective, clinically proven products that help people recover quickly and safely. Its mission is to make a difference by helping patients get back to and enjoy an active life. Bioventus Active Healing innovations include osteoarthritis and surgical and non-surgical bone healing offerings.

What are the other big shareholders doing?

Essex Woodlands Management, Inc. holds 12,096,702 shares representing a 19.58% interest. No change in the last quarter.

Royce & Associates LP holds 2,096,185 shares representing a 3.39% interest. In its previous file, the company stated that it held 1,958,785 shares, representing a raise 6.55%. The company increase its BVS portfolio allocation of 20.65% in the last quarter.

SV Health Investors, LLC holds 1,488,596 shares representing a 2.41% interest. No change in the last quarter.

First Light Asset Management, LLC holds 1,398,922 shares representing a 2.26% interest. In its previous file, the company stated that it held 1,348,460 shares, representing a raise of 3.61%. The company decreases its BVS portfolio allocation of 7.39% in the last quarter.

What is the general institutional feeling?

There are 266 funds or institutions reporting positions in Bioventus Inc. Class A. This is a decrease of 2 owner(s) or 0.75%.

Average portfolio weight of all funds dedicated to Bioventus Inc. Class A is 0.3730%, down 11.6866%. The total number of shares held by institutions increased over the past three months by 0.11% to 37,879,316 shares.

Based on this information, institutional sentiment is bearish.

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