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Jeffrey Pepper Tops Farhat for 15th District State House Nomination

Democrat Jeffrey Pepper prevailed in the party’s nomination race for the vacant seat of state representative from the 15th district.

Pepper, 69, won 56% of the vote with 3,590, while his opponent, Alabas Farhat, won 2,778 votes.

“The 15th District has spoken,” Pepper said when the results were announced. “Thank you to everyone who supported our campaign and thank you to all the election workers who have helped make democracy work today.”

Republican candidate Ginger Shearer won 1,201 votes as she ran unopposed.

Pepper, Shearer and potentially some third-party candidates will be vying for the partial mandate for the seat, which became available when Abdullah Hammoud was elected mayor of Dearborn.

The seat expires on December 31.

Whoever wins the general election will serve a partial term, but could seek re-election as an incumbent for the full two-year term in November.

General elections will be held on May 3.

The full-term seat will be a slightly different district following the once-a-decade realignment that takes effect this election season.

Pepper is in his own words “a lawyer, mediator, husband, father, grandfather, community activist, business owner, employer, job creator, landlord, taxpayer and “flooded basement”.

Pepper attended Lindbergh Elementary School, Adams Junior High, and Dearborn High School (1970). He then graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelor’s degree in communications (1974) and Wayne State University School of Law (1977).