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Is the New York State Pet Bill of Rights Imminent?

If you own a pet in New York State, there may be a new list of rights you should be aware of. Here in New York State, lawmakers seem to be monitoring and following much of what California is doing in terms of laws and restrictions.

In several reports this weekit was noted that a proposed bill in California would require various places to post a “Pet Bill Of Rights”.

The Assembly Bill of 1881, dubbed the “Cats and Dogs Bill of Rights”, grants pets multiple rights, including the right not to be neglected and abused, the right to health care , a nutritious diet and appropriate physical exercise, among others.

There would be various fines for anyone found guilty of breaking the law/bill of rights.

According to proposed California billhere are some of the rights for dogs and cats.

31801. (a) Dogs and cats have the right to be free from exploitation, cruelty, neglect and abuse.
(b) Dogs and cats have the right to a comfortable life, free from fear and anxiety.
(c) Dogs and cats are entitled to daily mental stimulation and enrichment.
(d) Dogs and cats have the right to safe food and water in an appropriate and safe environment.
e) Dogs and cats have the right to preventive and therapeutic health care.
(f) Dogs and cats have the right to be properly identified by means of tags, microchips or any other means.
(g) Dogs and cats have the right to be neutered and neutered to prevent unwanted litters.

There does not appear to be any movement toward such a law or proposal in the New York State Legislature at this time. But soon after this law was passed in California, it would only be a matter of time before other states, including New York, also embraced the idea.

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