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Irvine community stalwart aims for council seat with Labor

Irvine community activist Sylvia Mallinson has announced she is in the running to win the long-serving Irvine West seat of Provost Ian Clarkson in the upcoming election in May.

News of Sylvia’s appointment comes after it was announced that labor adviser Clarkson will step down due to health issues after nearly 30 years of service.

And Ms Mallinson hopes she can also serve as provost if elected.

Speaking to Ayrshire Live, Sylvia said: “I feel really excited about the nomination, it’s a good time for me to give it a shot.

“I thought about becoming a counselor for a while, and now the opportunity has arisen to potentially become a counselor within the community where I work tirelessly.

“I’m really excited to implement change, especially for our young people. I’ve worked with our young people for a long time and I’ve seen a decline in children’s mental health and that’s something I’m working on right now. moment.

“I have worked creatively with our young people to better help them overcome mental health issues.

“I am passionate about improving the region, creating more jobs in the city, better employment opportunities for our young people, and creating new businesses and exchanges in our city.”

Running her own company, Niche PR & Marketing, Ms. Mallinson has served as vice-president of the Irvine Locality Partnership since 2017. And she’s also the general manager of the Break-A-Leg Drama theater troupe.

Until recently, the council hopeful was best known for leading the Irvine Special Events Forum, which organizes the town’s annual Christmas lights-on event.

Most recently, the Labor activist hosted a show at the Vineburgh Community Center which featured recovering drug addicts sharing their heartbreaking stories of survival. It is hoped that this show will hit this year’s Fringe festival.

Ms Mallinson was also a driving force in the fight to bring supermarket giant Lidl to the new town of Irvine.

Currently, Labor Councilor Louise McPhather holds one of Irvine West’s four seats.

Ms Mallinson, who is standing alongside Councilor McPhater, added: “Me and Louise have worked together for a number of years on a number of different projects and we work really well together, so that’s quite exciting.

“I think if we both get our seats for Irvine West it will be really great. I’m sure we’ll both be a power to be reckoned with on the board.

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“Louise has done an amazing job over the past five years and if it was the two of us, I know we can do magical things.”

Not only is Ms Mallinson hoping to become the next councilor, but she also has her eye on the provost job.

“Ian has taught me a lot over the years, I’m sad to see him retire but if I win I want to make him proud and hopefully I can achieve half of what he has,” he said. she adds.

“And one day I would love to be the next provost – 100 percent.”

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