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Iran Int’l Quran Contest A model for other countries: official

TEHRAN (IQNA) – The Islamic Republic of Iran’s International Quran Competition is the most credible international Quranic competition in the world, an official has said.

Hamid Majidimehr, head of the Center for Quranic Affairs at the Awqaf and Charitable Affairs Organization, added that over the past two years many countries have suspended and postponed their Quran competitions due to the coronavirus pandemic, but Iran held its competition as planned in a format that has been taken as a model by some countries.

They include Malaysia which has the experience of hosting 62 international Quran competitions, he said.

The official made the remark during a press conference in Qom on the 45e national Quran competition.

He said that in Quran contests of other countries, the competition itself is the main thing but in Iran, what matters most is to provide the ground to get closer to the Holy Book and move towards contemplation and act with pure intention.

Majidimehr also highlighted the high standard of judging in Iranian Quranic competitions, saying that the best and most skillful Quranic experts are part of the referee panels.

He noted that there are about 5,000 Quran experts in Iran who have high-level certificates for judging in Quran competitions.

Foreign Quranic experts who come to Iran to serve on referee panels take with them the regulations of Iranian Quranic competitions as souvenirs, he added.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Majidimehr said the leader of the Islamic revolution is the biggest supporter of Quran activists in Iran and the Muslim world.

The Iranian Awqaf and Charitable Affairs Organization organizes the International Quran Contest every year with the participation of Quran activists from various countries.

Sixty-two competitors from 29 countries participated in the final stage of the 36e edition of the competition, which was held virtually in March.