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InterAct Theater Company will broadcast THIS BITTER EARTH

The InterAct Theater Company of Philadelphia will present the live Philadelphia production of THIS BITTER EARTH on VIMEO from February 28 to March 13, 2022. The live production began on 01/28/22 and will end on 02/20/22. THIS BITTER EARTH is set in memory of Jesse, a black playwright who finds himself in a relationship with Neil, a white Black Lives Matter activist. As Jesse reminisces about Neil, the audience is taken on a journey through their relationship and the birth of America’s BLM movement.

“When I first read THIS BITTER EARTH,” says Seth Rozin, InterAct’s Production Art Director, “I
was touched by his intelligence, his nuance, his poetry and his humanity. Here is a rare piece that both
questions and celebrates interracial and gay love better than any other play, book or movie I can
think about. And through the confused lens of memory, Harrison David Rivers manages to tell a
incredibly timely story.”

Audiences can stream THIS BITTER EARTH by choosing a broadcast date between 2/28/22 and
3/13/22 at For more information or to register,
please visit the InterAct website at, email [email protected]
or call 215.568.8079.

Now in its 34th season, InterAct is a theater for today’s world, dedicated to producing new and
contemporary pieces that explore the social, political and cultural issues of our time, and
improve the regional climate for new coins. Founded in 1988 by artistic director producer
Seth Rozin, InterAct’s work is guided by four core values: artistic risk, civic engagement, diversity
and cooperation.