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Horowitz: The New Western Fascism: Countries Are Gradually Using Prison Exclusively For Political Opponents

Despite all the rhetoric about Putin’s authoritarian hold over former Soviet states, we have our own authoritarian Putins who now rule Western democracies and crush all political dissent. Detaining someone without bail for staging a peaceful protest against the government sounds like something Putin would do, but it is happening now in Canada and has happened here before against those who did not commit violence on January 6 . Meanwhile, these same Western leaders support the extrication of the most violent criminals, demonstrating that this is not even about authoritarianism, but about a two-tier society based on the ideals of fascism.

Last Thursday, Tamara Lich, one of the organizers of the trucking convoy who created the original GoFundMe account, was arrested in Ottawa for simply opposing the Trudeau regime and organizing a peaceful protest. Not a single person among the hundreds of thousands of truckers acted violently, a few roads blocked, and Lich herself did nothing. She is accused of having “advised to commit misdeeds”, which stinks of Iranian-style prosecution.

On Tuesday morning, Ontario Judge Julie Bourgeois denied Lich the chance to post bail, even though she had promised not to even participate in more legal protests and return home to Alberta. “I can’t be reassured that if I release you into the community, you won’t reoffend,” Bourgeois said. “Your detention is necessary for the protection and safety of the public.”

Those who follow my column about thieves and armed criminals being released without bail, and even some murderers who are released on bail despite massive criminal records, may appreciate the rich irony. Lich could do it again by doing something that is not only legal, but a cornerstone of dissent in a free and democratic society. If this standard were applied to the BLM, there would be literally millions of people in prison today, and they often engage in violence, not to mention the more widespread blocking of roads.

Justice Bourgeois is a former Liberal candidate for Parliament and was approved by Trudeau in 2009. Thus, we are now at a point in (former) western democracies where political prisoners cannot enjoy a fair trial because the courts are completely co-opted by pro-regime judges. Worse, Bourgeois once excuse increase in violent crime as “desperate people going through desperate times and using desperate measures”.

Therefore, the same judges and politicians who believe political dissent is a dangerous crime also believe that violent career criminals should be released from prison. The same people who want to deny peaceful citizens the right to carry a gun are seeking to free every gun criminal who has committed gun violence.

To that end, what is happening in Western countries is even worse than China or a return to pre-Enlightenment Western governmental values. In China, they would not tolerate murderers and carjackers. They will at least apply their toughness with equality – to some degree. What we see in Canada and the United States is a Western-style form of postmodern fascism that elevates criminal behavior to the highest ideals of society while punishing the expression or use of basic human rights if it violates these ideals.

This is the simple definition of fascism. It doesn’t always have to be rooted in the breed. Merriam-Webster defines fascism as “a philosophy, movement or political regime (like that of the fascists) which exalts the nation and often the race above the individual and which represents a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader , severe economically and socially. regimentation and forced suppression of the opposition. This is what we see today in Western countries. This is not to target any particular race, but to create a standard of national interests and announce that anyone who does not subscribe to those interests – even if they affect their body in the most intimate way – is a threat to the nation and needs to be separated, discriminated against, persecuted and suppressed.

There is no equal opportunity authoritarianism because it is open only to those who do not meet national standards. Thus, we are witnessing the worst flood of illegal immigration and domestic crime precisely at the time of the most brutal authoritarianism against “some” citizens. At the same time we have the order confining most autocratic of all time, we have experienced the largest mass rallies ubiquitous history through demonstrations and riots BLM.

It’s easy to rest on our laurels and thank goodness we live south of the 50th parallel, but we’ve already seen political dissidents held without bail for a year without a criminal record on very nebulous charges that are clearly aimed at chilling dissent policy, not to deter violent or even disruptive behaviour. For example, Couy Griffin, New Mexico County Commissioner and founder of Cowboys for Trump who certainly had no criminal record, was initially held without bail for several weeks, despite never being released. feet on the Capitol or committed assault or vandalism. The unnamed magistrate kept him solely because of his political views and used that as a pretext to show he was in danger of fleeing.

“I don’t think the defendant will follow my terms if he believes that I am part of this machine of the democratic process,” Magistrate Judge Zia Faruqui proclaimed during a hearing on February 1, 2021. She went on to note that his political views, because she doesn’t agree with them, make him eligible to be held without bail – which is not done for many murderers with massive rap sheets. She said believing the election was stolen was “no different from those who don’t believe in facts or science”. No wonder they now want to criminalize dissent from their illogical, unscientific “public health” SCIENCE.

It is therefore clear that we already have the problem of the Canadian judicial system which criminalizes political opposition and crimes of opinion.

Yet this comes at a time when our justice system has largely done away with remand, even for violent repeat offenders. Here are some recent stories to consider when trying to process the mind-boggling speed at which we have evolved into an authoritarian state… except what really needs to be deterred by strong authority!

  • James Tubbs, 26, who pleaded guilty to molesting a child in the bathroom of a Denny’s restaurant in Los Angeles, will not serve any prison time and will not have to register as a sex offender, thanks to news rules put in place by prosecutor George Gascon. Tubbs, who now believes he really is a woman, is instead being held in a women’s juvenile facility, even though he is a grown man, because he was just before he turned 18.and birthday when he committed the crime. Fox News recently released a tape of Tubbs bragging about beating the system. “I’m going to plead, plead guilty,” Tubbs said in a recording. “They’re going to put me on probation, and it’s going to be dropped, it’s going to be done, I won’t have to sign up, I won’t have to do anything.”
  • There is a carjacking epidemic in almost every major city. Recently, Chicago Police Commissioner David Brown revealed that 60% of all incidents were perpetrated by minors and the system offered no real consequences for them.
  • Speaking of political crimes, how about attempting to assassinate a mayoral candidate? Well, in our fascist social “equity” system, it depends on the race and motive of the aggressor. Earlier this month, BLM activist Quintez Brown was charged with attempted murder for entering Louisville mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg’s campaign headquarters and opening fire. Fortunately, the bullets only grazed the candidate’s clothing and the shooter was caught and apprehended. He came with long magazines and was clearly coming off as an assassin, but a judge released him on $100,000 bail, which was paid by national BLM umbrella groups. “There is simply no defense for a would-be assassin to be released on bail, 60 hours after shooting his target,” said Adam Edelen, the former chief of staff of the former Democrat Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear tweeted. Can you imagine if someone from the trucking movement did this to a prominent pro-mandate politician?
  • Bronx Supreme Court Justice Naita Semaj-Williams has just authorized the release of two teenagers charged with murder, manslaughter, robbery, gang assault and other crimes without bail. In a previous case earlier this month, Semaj-Williams posted $60,000 bail for a felon charged with attempted murder and released him on his own recognizance.
  • These situations occur even in Texas. In 2019, 20-year-old Treveon Tatum was charged with murder but released by a Houston judge on just $50,000 bond. Although he was re-arrested the following April for felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, Tatum still has not had his bail revoked. Although he violated his bail conditions several times, he was never returned to prison. Then, on February 8, he was again charged with a new murder.
  • While COVID is being used as an excuse to imprison business owners and political dissidents, the same virus is being used as a pretext to unleash real threats to public safety. Earlier this month, Garrett W. Caspino was twice cited by police for criminal trespassing while acting erratically in a residential neighborhood in Corvallis, Oregon. However, he was not arrested “because of COVID-19 protocols”. But just an hour later, he allegedly broke into a house in broad daylight, pulled down his pants and strangled the landlady against the wall while she took a shower. He was then kicked out of the house by the victim’s boyfriend. Despite the seriousness of the charges and the obvious likelihood of him “repeating,” Caspino will still have the option of posting bail, albeit a hefty amount.

the purpose existence of Western governments is clearly set forth in the preamble to our Constitution – to “establish justice, secure internal tranquility, secure common defence, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity”. Yet we now have a government that ensures tyranny and promotes the curse of violent anarchy while perverting justice based on politics and identity. We could not abrogate the foundations of our social contract in a more grotesque way than what today’s global elites who govern Western countries are doing.

This is unsustainable and must change. It is our right – our duty – to demand a new government “to provide new guards for their future security.” The same failed political strategies of the past do not reflect the extent of corruption in our government.