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HC seeks detailed affidavit from state government on disposal of seized tobacco products

The AURANGABAD Bench of the Bombay High Court recently ordered the state government to file a detailed affidavit on the mechanism for disposing of seized tobacco and related products prohibited in the state and the quantity thereof eliminated so far by such a mechanism.

The court was hearing a PIL requesting an order to form a special unit/special task force in each district to stop the manufacture, storage, transportation and sale of banned tobacco and related products by conducting raids and launching criminal actions and requested a hotline to complain about these prohibited practices.

The plea also called for strict implementation of state government guidelines in accordance with Government Resolution (GR) of May 29, 2020 prohibiting the consumption and spitting of tobacco, supari, pan masala and gutkha in places. public to prevent the spread of epidemic diseases. . The state’s attorney requested time to file an affidavit explaining the actions taken so far, which the court allowed. A division bench on July 28 adopted the order in PIL of Dadasaheb Pawar, a social activist and farmer from Ahmednagar.

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