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Government urged to provide aid to famine-stricken countries

Climate activists have called on the government to provide aid to countries facing famine due to climate change.

The Stop Climate Chaos Coalition launched its appeal at the Irish Famine Memorial on Custom House Quay, calling on the government to commit to a fund for loss and damage during COP27 in Egypt.

Deirdre Duff, Friends of the Earth Ireland, said: “We are here today to remember the history of famine in Ireland and to ask the government to remember that too and to stand with the communities affected by climate-exacerbated drought leading to famine.”

She pointed “especially countries in the Horn of Africa, Somalia, Ethiopia which are on the brink of famine due to drought fueled by climate change”.

Campaigners want the Irish government to pledge funding for a fund for loss and damage and say pledges made by Taoiseach Micheál Martin are not enough.

Ms Duff added: “We were disappointed with it because it took money from a pre-existing pledge we had already made, it was not new and additional funding for loss and damage and we really need to see funding specifically for loss and damage, this is in addition to climate finance for mitigation and adaptation.”

The five locations highlighted by campaigners were Somalia, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and the Pacific Islands.

As the Horn of Africa is hit by drought, Pakistan and Bangladesh have suffered increasing impacts from flooding and the Pacific islands are already losing fertile land to rising sea levels.