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Golden Gate Express | SF State students and teachers say they’ll stay on Twitter no matter who owns it

“The bird is free,” was billionaire tycoon Elon Musk’s first Tweet after becoming Twitter’s new owner on Oct. 27.

So far, Musk has fired the majority of staff and senior officials, incurring a $7.99 monthly subscription fee for verified accounts, and allowing formerly banned users to return.

Public figures such as Gigi Hadid, Mick Foley, Toni Braxton, Shonda Rhimes and various other people have said they have left the platform.

Activist Shaun King went so far as to leave the platform and make his account private. And President Biden has called Musk out for buying a social media platform that is “spewing lies around the world.”

While many people have expressed fatigue with Musk, some SF State students and teachers say they don’t care who owns the platform.

Ivan Ornelas, a lecturer at the Metro College Success Program, said the 2016 election didn’t drive him off Twitter, so all the controversy Musk caused won’t stop him from using the app, but it will. to influence how he navigates through space.

“I find that Twitter still has uses for finding people with common interests and getting up-to-date information, but it’s important to be aware of the misinformation that can come out of it,” Ornelas said.

Ornelas is still figuring out what to expect from Musk, but he thinks he’ll aim to be the center of attention. Still, he thinks Musk is doing the right thing to spot fraudulent accounts.

“Putting the blue tick behind a paywall would appear to be a threat in deciphering genuine accounts from fakes,” Ornelas said.

SF State student Odera Nwosu said he is quitting the platform once and for all after using Twitter intermittently for the past four years.

“I think there’s a bad culture on Twitter already,” Nwosu said. “But with him there and the ruler and just the drama he brings to it, it just won’t be worth it.”

Some students expressed their opinions on Reddit. Odon’t postwho gained the most popularity among users said they don’t care who owns Twitter because they are only there for memes.

IT major Andrew Martin Zimwanguyiza-Lubega said Twitter is where people go for different reasons, from news to daily updates. Unfortunately, he thinks people will also spread hate.

“There is definitely a side where politics should matter, and there will be a side where it just doesn’t,” Zimwanguyiza-Lubega said. “Honestly, I like Twitter because it’s a place where people can express themselves within rules and restrictions.”

Zimwanguyiza-Lubega also believes the platform should be open to anyone who wants to participate and join.

“Twitter should honestly be a platform just for discussion, whatever the topic,” Zimwanguyiza-Lubega said.