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Givenchy Parfums celebrates the LGBTQIA+ community with a new NFT illustration

Givenchy Parfums is joining forces with the LGBTQIA+ community by creating a new NFT digital work that will be sold for the benefit of the association Le MAG Jeunes LGBT+ (Movement for the Affirmation of Young LGBT Individuals) founded in Paris in 1985. made in partnership with London gallerist and LGBTQIA+ activist Amar Singh and artists Rewind Collective and reflects the House’s approach that disruptive creativity and innovation always go hand in hand with values ​​of respect and inclusion.

Inspired by the signatures of Givenchy, and more particularly Prisme Libre, the House’s iconic loose powder, as well as the colors of the LGBTQIA+ flag, the NFT will be available for sale until July 6. The luxury brand said it aims to promote an inclusive culture open to all types of diversity. Givenchy Parfums said the uniqueness and expertise of its team members is a valuable source of creativity and innovation, and that it ensures everyone is included so they can reach their full potential.

Based in London, Amar Singh is known for his contemporary art gallery and his activism for women’s and LGBTQIA+ rights. At the same time, Le MAG Jeunes LGBT+ focuses on support and accompaniment, by carrying out awareness-raising events in schools and by offering cultural, sporting and educational activities.

This isn’t Givenchy’s first NFT. In 2021, he also partnered with Singh and Rewind Collective to launch an NFT artwork named Pride, with proceeds also going to Le MAG Jeunes LGBT+ organization. In parallel, this latest collection arrives shortly after venturing into Roblox with its Maison de Beauté Givenchy, featuring various spaces like the dancefloor Irrésistible and the forbidden station L’Interdit, both inspired by the brand’s two perfumes. . Fans also have access to make-up stations, a photobooth and a swimming pool decorated in the Givenchy style. Meanwhile, in 2020, Givenchy Beauty created makeup for the characters of animal crossing. According to WWD, the brand billed itself as the first luxury brand to offer makeup options for animal crossing.

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