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Ghanaians react after community allegedly publicly whips couple with leaked sex tape

Where is this photo from? Ghana Police

Ghanaians react to the flogging of a young man and woman after some youths flogged them for Waa Naa Palace for allegedly filming a sex act which later leaked.

Inside flogging video we are going viral they tie the lady and man to the pole they whip them on the grounds of the Upper West Region Chief Courthouse.

The reasons for the beatings are say according to the youth, it is wrong for them to film a sexual act.

But the youth action does not sit well with Ghanaians, including Naa Fuseini Seidu Pelpuo IV, overlord of the Wala Traditional Council, who describes me as a “barbaric act”.

Overlord spokesperson Naa Kadri Ibrahim, Jinpehi Naa speaking to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) says Waa Naa’s position is that he “condemns the act of flogging”.

“We are working with the police to see how we are going to deal with the problem professionally. It will not be something that we support. We are not for that at all, ”reveals Naa Kadir Ibrahim.

According to the Traditional Council, the right things to do must be said to report the matter to the police instead of taking the law into their own hands.

Police investigate couple’s abuse

Where is this photo from? Ghana Police

The video of the young man and woman who allegedly started having sex is circulating for the community on social media.

The timestamp on the video airs on May 29, 2022.

The report says that after the tape started they went viral, the youngsters are not happy with the incident entering the township to apprehend the couple in the video.

After arresting the two, they transport the lovebirds to Waa Naa Palace but they meet while away.

It will be when they take the law in their hands, they whip them on video.

Human rights activists worried about Ghanaians are beginning to pressure the authorities to deal with the people by flogging the two.

Police say they are using the video clip of the flogging they are circulating to find the perpetrators.

Again, the police urge some members of the palace to prevent the incident from happening on the forecourt of the palace. We learn that the moment the incident occurs from Waa Naa no dey around.