Activist countries

France, New Zealand, Belgium… the movement is spreading to many countries

The movement started by Canadian truckers is gaining momentum. While large-scale containment is planned in Paris this weekend, other countries are not left out. Similar protest movements, among others against health measures, are organized in Europe and elsewhere in the world.


It all started with a protest movement by Canadian truckers, who were asked to get vaccinated to cross the Canada-US border. The movement has since expanded to include broader demands, including against all health restriction measures in place.

Thousands of people closed the streets of the capital, Ottawa, for nearly two weeks, but also in other major cities, such as Quebec or Toronto. A situation that prompted the mayor of Ottawa to declare a state of emergency in the city. The latter is asking for help from the federal government to put an end to this movement.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called these barriers “unacceptable” and stressed that they would “negatively impact the Canadian economy.”


Opponents of health restrictions have drawn inspiration from the Canadian movement. A call was launched on a Facebook page called “Caravane de la liberté” to organize a major obstruction operation in Paris from Friday. This call does not come from truckers, unlike in Canada, but the French mobilization wants it to be a movement listed “in the rank of yellow vests”.

If, at first, the participants wish to abandon health restriction measures, such as the vaccination card, they also demonstrate against the rise in energy prices, the reduction in fuel taxes, wage increases, or even in general, against the government of Emmanuel Macron. But the Paris police headquarters prevented the demonstration.


After “Paris which rolls”, as planned by the participants in the Caravan of freedom, the demonstrators should take the direction of Brussels, capital of the European Union, Monday, February 14, for a “European rapprochement”. But the mayor of the Belgian capital announced on Thursday a ban on the entry of the Freedom Caravan into a city and hopes to prevent obstructions.

Belgian media have already spotted a Facebook page called the “European Freedom Caravan”, calling for “an end to authoritarian rule”. Therefore, demonstrators from several European countries must meet Monday in Brussels, and oppose the device put in place by the authorities. Violent protests against extremist membership have also rocked the capital in recent weeks.

New Zealand

The Freedom Caravan was even exported to the Pacific. This week, anti-vaccine protesters gathered in Wellington, near New Zealand’s parliament, to demand an end to health restrictions. Hundreds of homes and trucks shut down the Parliament District on Tuesday. Most left after 24 hours, but a strong core remained determined to stay there “as long as it takes”.

Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson said that before the police move, reinforcements from around 100 dispatchers had been closed. On Thursday, clashes erupted with police as they tried to disperse protesters, and 120 people were arrested.


Many opponents of compulsory vaccination are also gathering in Canberra, the capital of Australia, for several days of mobilization, it has been confirmed. franceinfo. The movement’s organizers called on five million Australians to rally in the capital to demand the resignation of the government.

According to the Canberra Times, the movement is much more than an anti-corruption protest, with indigenous rights activists and evangelical Christians taking to the streets to defend their freedoms.