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Forward Motion Dance Company is back on stage at Thalian Hall this week

Forward Motion Dance Company is back on stage at Thalian Hall this week with its first performance since 2019. Director and Founder Tracey Varga, says the company is thrilled to be back on stage with its program, Cape Fear Arts in Motion: Visuals, Voices and Variations. Varga says there are several plays on the program that collaborate with filmmaker Patrick Ogelvie that explore big issues both local and global, including pollution, hunger and homelessness.

Varga says the group will also perform a piece she originally choreographed in 2008 called “Stages,” which features music by Nina Simone.

“There are four sections. There is a trio – three different dancers – four sections exploring Nina’s challenges throughout her life, artistically as well as the challenges of life as a civil rights activist, as a singer, as an author -composer.

Varga says that every year she recruits local teenagers from different studios to participate in the production and choreographs a special piece for them. This year, she says there are five dancers.

“One from Dreams, one from The Dance Element, one from the Southeast Dance Academy and one from the Gloria Academy of Fine Arts. So we’re really excited. They come together and they work very well together. The music for this is Dale Cornelius, who is an award-winning musician/songwriter. He does a lot of scores for television and movies.

Cape Fear Arts in Motion is on stage at Thalian Hall Thursday and Friday nights at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are available at the door.