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Flint school board president fired after alleged physical altercation at meeting, community activist defends her

The partner of former Flint Community School Board chair Dr. Danielle Green is speaking out after Green was released from her post for allegedly fighting with board treasurer Laura MacIntyre.

In a nearly hour-long Facebook Live video, Arthur Goodson detailed how the fight would have started between Green and MacIntyre. According to the passionate activist, Green and the treasurer were discussing money allocated within the Flint community and school closures – when it escalated on March 23. The former president preferred to use funds to build new schools throughout the district, while MacIntyre shut down the idea. Goodson claimed that MacIntyre first initiated the physical contact by putting his finger to Green’s nose, prompting the former president to defend herself.

Woodson’s beef about MacIntyre’s alleged behavior was discussed in another video on March 17. He accused her of being racially biased when it came to favoring schools with more white students. Some board members, including Green, seemed concerned that other committee members like MacIntyre, Ellis-McNeal and Chris Del Morone did not have the best interests of the town’s children in mind. after millions of federal pandemic relief dollars were allocated to the city. . The three felt that more research needed to be done to pay newly recruited teachers a premium to work in the Flint Community School District.

Look what I tell you about Laura. You really have to see this for yourself. She knew it, and besides, she didn’t even set the schedules for her committee.

On the same day, he also claimed that the seven members The board has had a vendetta against Green and has sabotaged his efforts since 2019. Woodson said MacIntyre refuses anything that comes here for our school.

The activist went further and said the woman’s children did not attend school in the district. They would be students in the affluent school district of Fenton.

About the alleged assault, MacIntyre told an entirely different story from Woodson. According to MLive, the two women had verbal squabbles before but had never come to blows. The council treasurer shared her version of what happened.

“Danielle got up and got offended at something in particular I said that I had no idea about and walked around our staff secretary and towered over me and started threatening me with her finger I stood up to step back, at which point she grabbed my throat, then grabbed my hair and banged my head against the table and started kicking my head.

She continued, “It was unwarranted, unwarranted and completely inappropriate. This will not be tolerated and we are acting tonight. At the time, I was shocked and surprised. It never occurred to me that something like this would escalate like this.

On Wednesday, an emergency meeting was held and board members removed Green as chairman. Dr. Joyce Ellis-McNeal assumed the role of interim president until the next election. The former leader will remain on the committee. Flint residents should call Green back to remove her from council.

MacIntyre claimed she suffered a concussion and two black eyes. Whether the woman had the injuries was not apparent in the video. She also told council members that she no longer felt safe.

“I’m just sad to say it’s come to this. I’m a very secure person, but I don’t feel safe.

MacIntyre said she plans to to chase Green to the fullest extent of the law. The recent PhD graduate was not arrested when the alleged fight took place.

Green admitted that the altercation was not one of her best moments and should not replace the positive work she has done in the community.

It’s not one of the highlights of my anything, of my life, of my career, of my position in the community,” she said. “I’m not proud of any of this. Absolutely not. And this is an incident. Never in my life would I have thought of something like this that I would ever, ever be involved in.

“And I can say this, my record speaks for itself.”

Flint Community School District Superintendent Kevelin Jones released a statement on his Facebook page regarding his commitment to students and families.

Please read this March 23 letter from Superintendent Kevin Jones. We will remain focused on our mission to provide high quality education to scholars and act as a key support structure for families. Providing scholars from across the school community with a learning experience that supports their academic, social, and emotional growth remains our guiding principle.

Flint has been plagued with racist and greedy leaders whose jobs as public servants have taken a back seat to their own interests. The children and families of Flint deserve more than substandard schools and board members who don’t like them.