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Filling lakes contributed to flooding in Kano – Construcshop Global Company

A popular Kano-based construction company Construcshop Global Company described poor urban planning, urban implosion, climate change, discharges from bodies of water that act as rainwater collectors as major factors leading to incessant flooding in Kano.

Chairman and CEO of Constructshop Global Company Arc. Khalifa Rabiu Tahir, said this during an interview with reporters on the recent floods in Kano, Jigawa and parts of northern Nigeria.

Khalifa Rabi’u Tahir, who is also an environmental activist and a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers community, said it was quite an unfortunate incident that resulted in the death and destruction of properties, including most could have been avoided.

“We all believe in the acts of God. Also, global warming, for example, is a global phenomenon, so the Kano state government cannot be entirely blamed for the floods,” he said.

He added that the sale and subsequent filling of lakes like the Dan Agundi waterways and many others show the Kano State government’s neglect of town planning.

He corroborated that these lakes act as reservoirs for excess water from precipitation which provides much needed relief from intense heat and acts as a constant supply for underground lakes, and also aids in erosion control.

Khalifa Rabiu says this indication shows that in the coming years, cities like Kano, Jigawa, Lokoja and the northern part of the region will experience the worst flooding.

“Because cities are only getting more crowded, the space that’s supposed to be for runoff water is gobbled up by more buildings and our drains aren’t connected anywhere, so there’s no drainage system. appropriate central sewer in place.

“For example, imagine you have a plate on a table that can hold exactly one cup of water. When you fill the plate with sand and then pour the same cup of water on the plate, won’t most of the water flow to the table? This is exactly the case with infilled lakes,” the environmental activist said.

Khalifa further said that despite the fact that the floods have never affected anyone in his family, that does not stop him from being a concerned citizen, adding that it is imperative that government advisers in the State of Kano advise for the improvement of the situation. town.

He also said that “sites affected by flooding have had a significant impact on lives and properties, not to mention the economic impact which is going to be brutal”.

“Some families lost their homes, some lost their breadwinners and some people lost their hard-earned livelihoods overnight. Do you know what happens to an honest man when he loses all hope? These people may turn to criminal acts to alleviate their difficulties, may God never put us in such a situation,” he explained.

When asked if there could have been less flooding or if it could have been avoided altogether, Arc. Khalifa Rabiu replied in the affirmative stating that if there was a less congested city, with proper drainage systems, natural reservoirs, afforestation, the effect could be minimized.

Bow. Khalifa Rabiu also advised stakeholders in affected states to form a committee of advisers on matters concerning climate change, sustainability, environment and environmental protection to ensure that certain decisions taken do not go through. to the detriment of the state.