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Disney expands operations in countries that ban homosexuality even as they attack opponents for not being awake enough

There is a rule of thumb that a family’s wealth tends to last for three generations. The first generation is smart and hardworking (or creative or ruthless) and builds a fortune. The second generation sees their parents working and struggling, and learning how to create wealth, so they often increase the fortune. The third generation knows nothing but wealth and privilege and grows resentful of the success that has made their lives so easy. This makes them the ideal target for leftists who persuade them to fund political programs that wiser previous generations would not have given a dime to.

Abigail Disney, heiress to a fortune

That brings us to this story of Abigail Disney, Walt’s great-niece and granddaughter of his brother and business partner, Roy Disney. Heir to an estimated fortune of over $100 million, Abigail Disney is also a prominent social justice activist, leftist documentary maker and fundraiser for various causes.

Abigail Disney is quite furious that what she calls “right-wing” fascists dare to challenge the values ​​advocated by Disney.

Abigail Disney made headlines by launching a multi-part Twitter rant against journalist Christopher Rufo, who posted the shocking footage of a Disney Zoom meeting in which senior executives openly bragged about their efforts. to inject as much LGBTQ propaganda into children’s cartoons as possible, as you can read at this link.

Abigail’s left-wing ideology bubble

Abigail Disney is quite furious that what she calls “right-wing” fascists dare to challenge the values ​​advocated by Disney. She seems to think oddly that it’s us who threaten people and insult them. She called on companies to stop funding “the right wing”. (And what big companies are they? Twitter? Google? Microsoft? Apple? Disney?…) gender messages in K-3 classrooms. She’s always gloated that corporations like Disney have the power to crush sassy upstarts like Rufo who dare to expose the truth about them. (Wait, I thought we were threatening people?…)

It’s worth reading not because you learn anything from it, God forbid, but because it gives you such a window into the completely distorted worldview of someone who was born into so much money. and privileges, and who lives in such a melting bubble of leftist ideology. It’s almost like reading the latest news from Bizarro World.

If you have some time to kill and would like to watch someone reset this Twitter thread to reality tweet by tweet, check out Brad Slager’s fisking on

The icon of virtue with an ironic twist

By the way, it’s a bit strange to see Abigail portray Disney as the icon of virtue we all must obey, given that in 2020 she herself was lambasting the company for allegedly giving her CEO an obscene salary while underpaying park employees so much they were eating out of dumpsters. She says:

Disney has made a nice profit on the idea that families are a kind of magic, that love is important, that imagination matters. That’s why it makes your stomach turn a little when I tell you that Cinderella might be sleeping in her car.

In fact, I agree with her: their CEO should sleep in his car. And the way he runs the business, he could soon become.

But then, I guess if Disney’s current ideas about indoctrinating our children with inappropriate sexual messages make our stomachs turn, we’re not allowed to say so. If we wanted that kind of privilege, we should have chosen our own parents more carefully and chosen wealthier ones.

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